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Favorite VMs To Practice On

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January 1, 2016

Damn Vulnerable Web App -great to learn webapp engagements,43/ Damn Vulnerable Linux,1/ Great resource for several different VMs to practice against There are VMs of varying difficulties here and they even have walk-through if you get stuck. I have included a link on how to build such a lab. or This is a great way to improve your skills LEGALLY and get familiar with tools, which we use for day to day work. Those are some good resources. I would also suggest Metasploitable which is an intentionally vulnerable OS designed for use when you are learning to use Metasploit. Metasploitable,Metasploitable2, and Metasploitable 3 all very good and there is a walk-through case if anyone gets stuck. Metasploitalbe 3 does require that you build it yourself but there is a howto and it's a Windows 2008 server, so you can practice for Windows! ( Download and build VM instructons) (metasploitalbe) (metasploitable 2) (Metasploitalbe 3) I hope this helps as it will give a safe environment for practicing and testing. I am just going to add good lab resources here so homemade lab references can be aggregated in one location. That said I came across a lab for pivoting. What is pivoting? Pivoting is when for example you land on a client side computer then you use that machine as a launchpad to attacking other network assets. The following is a more detailed example and helps bring the idea home as well as shows examples
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