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E-council Education Verification To Be Eligible For CEH Exam

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January 1, 2016

Hi everyone, I see on E-council website for a candidcancandidate to be eligible to seat for the CEH exam one of the eligibility criteria is to attend a training. Can we use cybrary as the source of training for E-council verification purposes? From what I understand it seems like it has to be in an official classroom setting. If anything these training videos on cybrary would most certainly help you go through an official course and then you would be way more prepared to take the exam as well. - Mountain Man I guess.... Mountain man is right. It all about money find youself a cheap one to join. Happy that this site provides training material for free I emailed them that same question. They responded a week later. It does have to be through them, but it doesn't have to be classroom. It can be the online class (like cybrary). Gonna cost over $1000 though. What is the cost by going through them will it still be over $1000 thank you all for your posts Hi Al (@asnip) You dont have to attend an Official training course, you can complete your own self-study and when you're ready you submit an eligibility application. See the *Attempt Exam without Official Training* **section on the following page: A quick run down is that completing the **Exam Eligibility Form** *is quick and easy. And once you post that web enquiry form, you should soon after receive an auto-reply email from EC Council with instructions and a 3 page PDF, of which page two is the main page to put some detail (page 1 has one selection box to click, page 3 is a sign/print name and date entry). Again quite straight forward as long as you have your Manager/Supervisor/Agency Representative sorted out since EC Council will contact them to verify you have atleast two years working in InfoSec / suitable background. Once you've scanned all 3 pages, you can email those pages along with current resume, and proof of identity to one of two email addresses, which is dependent on your location. You then pay a one off $100 (USD) Application Eligibility Fee to have your application assessed (far cheaper than paying for a full on course). EC Council will then contact your Supervisor etc that was named in the app form. If your app is approved then you will need to purchase the $500 (USD) exam fee, and then you can use this to book your exam. You could weight up $600 all in vs what you might get from paying for an Official course (I have heard they bundle in the exam voucher and you are then auto-eligible so no further form filling), but further considerations for the cost of taking time off work, any additional travel each day if its not close to home etc so just food for thought. Again, check out the Application Process / Eligibility web link at the top for the definitive on the process. Hope this helps and best of luck towards CEH :) - Chambo*** Hi Chambo (@Chambo), Thank you for your inputs. The self study mode seem to be a challenge for me due to lake of enough InfoSec experience, unless I have to convince my Manager that I need to go for this cert.? - Al after completing the cybrary videos on CHFI do i still need to purchase the self learning kits offered by E-COUNCIL before sitting for cert exam You need to either go through the official EC-Council course, prove that you have two years of experience in information security, or prove that you have an education background in information security. Here's the link to the eligibility process: Also, keep in mind that EC-Council have a Candidate Retesting Audit, which is a second 30-question exam that they force some candidates to take if they feel that the candidate may have cheated. It's hard to find much detail on it, but here's a thread where people are discussing it. This audit seems to pop up when the candidate did not go through the official course, and did not go through the process of vetting their experience/education. Usually it's because the candidate purchased a voucher from somewhere or went to a school that is not a provider of the official course. @Zachary Keeton > I emailed them that same question. They responded a week later. It does have to be through them, but it doesn’t have to be classroom. It can be the online class (like cybrary). Gonna cost over $1000 though. Do you have any more information on that? Did they give a link to the online class? That's the site for the EC-Council online courses. And here's the price list for the CEH training:
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