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Does Computer Willnot Start Without Keyboard!!!!

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January 1, 2016

As mentioned in the course the computer first check (cpu and post bios rom, system timer , video card , memory , keyboard , disk driver) before starting and in missing or damage of the componentes cause beep beep sound but the desktop computer can be started without keyboard!!!! Could you clarify what you're asking here? Are you trying to understand if a desktop computer can be started without a keyboard? Yes, you can. Usually have to change a setting in the BIOS to allow this. I do this all the time. I have boxes that I only remote into so I don't bother putting keyboards, monitors or mice on them. the only systems that will not full both without the keyboard responding are systems deigned for security with the keyboard built in, such as Bio-metric keypads (sounds insane but was on a job sight a few months back that had a keyboard that when each key was pressed it recorded the finger print and pressure at which the buttons was pressed) it was failing to boot couldnt figure out why, when they called the company technician thats what he told me wont both without the keyboard........ So to answer your question Yes it would boot without keyboard as they have an onscreen clickable with mouse :) Good question.... Good question. 1.Computer will not start based of the age(date) of manufacture. 2.Computer will not start or start based on settings made in the BIOS. -1. Computer have being improving day in and day out till date. Old aged computers like 95,98,ME was much based on the PS/2 keyboard/mouse which have to be detected during POST boot of computer. With these computers, after system have boot full and working when you unplug the PS/2 keyboard and plug back wont function until a system reboot is done (not plug and play). -2. New updated computers for 2000,xp,vista,windows8 and now windows10, from this ones computers has being improved with the use of plug and play devices like the USB as one major example from 1.0,2.0 and now 3.0 with different speeds, and so some system based on the BIOS have to choose from either PS/2 keyboard or a USB which is a plug and play. And, with some computer of this our age wont find any PS/2 ports any more but detect and prompt for keyboard before boot depending on settings in BIOS since it has the USB which is plug and play. For your question it is always good for a beginner to know and understand the concept of computer that is why i like this CompTIA A+ class much. Thanks for the explanation
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