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Do You Like Doing Sports?

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January 1, 2016

I'm really interested do you like sport. As for me I like sport, especially volley-ball. It make me feel good and I can use my energy on all power! It's realy very interesting and it make me slim! Also I play volley-ball because my growth-178 cm!:)Sometimes I play football but always watch it on TV. **I want to know what kind of sport you like!** I love playing basketball. For me it's a great way to lose some weight and grow taller. I have read that basketball has direct impact on HGH levels in the body. I also buy [steroids for sale]( (I know about side effects) and follow low carb diet. I also love watching basketball games. My fav basketball player is J.R. Smith. I've been involved in boxing for about 16 years now - love it. My favorite is to play baseball however I am not a fan of winter sports, I hate the cold, lol. In the winter I play Pool, which in my opinion is a sport because it requires a beer in hand, hahaha.
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