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Differentiate Between Mac Address?

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January 1, 2016

**How can we differentiate between android phones mac address and PC/Laptop mac address? Is there any way through which we can easily find or search for our particular mac address and know that is this a PC/Laptop mac address or any phone mac address which is connected to our network?** I'm not sure if I understand your question right. But if you mean if there's a "hint" in the Mac - Adress like in your tax-number. No. But you could easily scan your network and get all the information you want. For example with Nmap or any other Network Scanner. @NoWayh4l. i was enjoying nmap, but i got lost along the way, please what are the apps, i need to download to keep up with the facilitator. i saw him us root@kali but i don't know how to get this app. Zenmap is the gui version. both are preinstalled on kali. I mean to say that, how can we differeniate between mac address without nmap, Let's suppose there are 3 clients connected to my router, 1 mac add= 12:22:44:33:00:55 2 mac add= aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff 3 mac add= 00:11:1a:2b:5b:6i How i figure it out that the mac add # 2 is an android phone mac add and other Two are PC's mac add, is there any vendor suffix..?? MAC Address is assigned by manufacturer for Ethernet and WIFI card. You can detect MAC address by using netdiscover on Kali Linux with the command : ```root@kali: netdiscover -a -r ``` There you will find IP Address and MAC Address. Maybe it can make sense. thank you all :)
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