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Database Hacking

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January 1, 2016

I want to write to a database of a computer on my network, how do i do this Pardon please You're going to need to be a lot more specific. Just clarify the question and we'll try to answer. I want to hack into my school database and update my fees from there, but i dont know how to go about it, the computer is on the lan network of the school, so i think i can tap into that network and acess the computer that runs the database.. It is an sql database. If the DB is hosted locally on the company's computers then the only way to do such an attack is to connect to your school lan and try to scan the entire network for devices using Armitage and then try your luck by pushing an exploit to the vulnerable system If the DB is hosted on a server in the DMZ, then try to hack the server remotely Did you ask the database or network administrators? i am also in same situation i am connected to a wifi i used nmap & found 2 alive machine & i think one of them is a printer and otherone is a server what should be my next step ? Please stop right there. You are obviously asking how to do something very unethical and potentially illegal. This is not what this site is about. Now the best tool for DB takedown is [sqlmap]( But mr\_clark have right... There are so many ways to gain access to the server if it is just 2 hops away but unless you own it, don't do something stupid. p.s.: printer is most of the times a easy target. :D You can use Sql method for database...... the school's database aint yours right? this is highly illegal to do and not an appropriate question to ask imao... i hope you wont find any help here! :) learn sql and benefit and you hopefully will reconsider your intentions or might gain different fields of interest. cheers No help from me here
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