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January 1, 2016

Hello guys Anyone have an idea where I can find a handy practical book that contains notes or study tips ? Thanks The official CBK book from (isc)2 is pretty good, with summaries and quizzes at the end of each chapter, exam overview and whatnot at the beginning. I don't know about the print version, but the Kindle version has some typos, but mostly minor things. I haven't looked at any of the third-party ones.\*Version\*=1&\*entries\*=0 thank you I took the exam yesterday and passed (took about an 1:20:00 out of the 4:00:00 they allot for the test, not particularly difficult honestly, though since I passed I don't know whwether it was with a 700 or a 950 because they don't tell you the score...) and really only used the Kindle version of the CBK and the free interactive flashcards on the (ISC)2 website. Have you taken the exam yet or still studying? I certified 1 year and a half ago, and here is what I did : \* participated in a bootcamp (7 days) \* worked with []( (includes practice questions) The material on Cybrary site seems to be a good option as well. I did not use it as it was published after I got certified. By the way, did you get certified since you first posted the question? ?
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