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January 1, 2016

i need courses for begiinners What exactly you are looking for as in beginner's course? You can start with A+. First Linux, Then Everything I would definitely go with A+ first, then Network+. Both are very basic and you can build up from there. Hi I'm definitly a noob on this , where should I start? the beginners course? or a course about linux in general first? regards @raulhuhn linux is one of the basic things you need to know if you are going in infosec field. You can start it or do it parallel with some other course like A+. Network + comes after you have completed A+. hi guys new form .. but im a man willing to learn with this stuff. coz i can see that this will be a good job for me if i pursue this . I'm 27 and i didnt finished my college. that's why im studying online and then i just jumped in to this site :) but the thing is a lot of people says about ethical hacking that i should learn linux , a+ , network+ then on the other forums they said that all i need to study is cryptography or about python. if i know a little bit about computer. and that makes my my mind go nuts on where to study first.. I've also read on this forum that i should get first the a+ coz i need to learn the very basics coz i need to build a stable basic before learning a new course. thtats it thanks. by the way im from the Philippines. hope i can have friends here :) Welcome to Cybrary, aeronoldkael
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