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Course Cost

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January 1, 2016

So why are the ISACA course costs so cloak and dagger? No prices on their website for the exams, some vague info around the web of $190 membership fee, $45 annual fee and $400-600 exam fee. Does anyone have exact prices for annual fee and exam fee for the UK? what are you talking about? You can download the PDF membership application and they list the costs. There is both the international dues (US$135) and chapter dues, and if a new member a new member fee. Cheaper if you apply on-line. Right now they have a half off price as we are in the middle of the year (membership is calendar-based). With my chapter dues of $50, I pay $185 each year for dues. You do NOT need to be a member to take the certs, but there are advantages. For exams, the cost is US$760 for non-members, US$575 for members. (this is given in the Candidate Guide) For maintenance fees, its US$85 for non-members, US$45 for members. (this is given on the website under maintain your cert) There is also an application fee of $50 when you apply for the cert. Does this answer your question? FWIW am a long-time ISACA member and have all 4 of their certs. Now, if you're speaking of course costs, those vary, but are clearly on the website. ISACA themselves gives you a couple of options, but I feel they are a bit overpriced. Take a look at local chapters, as many will offer very good prep courses, often at a lower costs. That's the method I took. My chapter (of which I'm a member of) does a 3 day CISA class and a 2 day CISM class, but of which include lunches and a decent cost and have good instructors. I also did on-line classes thru the NY Metro Chapter that I thought were very good and decently priced.
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