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Contacting Support

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January 1, 2016

I am not sure if this has already been addressed, and this thread can be closed if so, but while I was issuing a support ticket for my own issue with the Android App—I noticed that the error message provides the wrong e-mail in order to contact support. It says that you should contact *support@cybrary.**com***, when the e-mail should actually be *support@cybrary.**it***. ![Misspelling]( the misspelling can be corrected, lest someone send their plea to a non-existent address, and receive no help because of it. Just a heads up! hello, good night i want to know how can i reset a course? is it possible? Hello, is there any way to complete your courses in an online classroom setting? Hi There I signed up to the Courses and wondered how to contact my Mentor please? Thanks Hi, I signed up for the career path course and enrolled for a month subscription. The guided course is expected to start from today and mentors were to be assigned. I have not received any information so far. Please guide at the earliest. Thanks Tushar G +919999149829 I have signed in properly and have now tried to select two beginner courses (Linux & Security+) with both loading endlessly. I have refreshed, back clicked, and stopped and started the process over a few times and both seem to be stuck in a loading phase that never ends, literally both have been "loading" for over an hour now... Please advise! I just completed Nessus Basic and passed the exam also but could not download/see my certificate. Can you please help me download the certificate. Hi, I've finished my first course on Cybrary. It was amazing and I want to save my Certicate of Completion but I got this Error when I try to change my Real Name in my profile: Access Denied You don't have permission to access "" on this server. Reference #18.c486edcc.1536252481.1027e9d7 Please anybody can help me? Hello, It seems that the "chat" service never respond! IF I upgrade to "insider Pro" will I be able to watch those "live sessions" any other time since my time zone is different ? Regards Hi, I am not able to claim my certification and not able to pay to earn cybytes can you please help me as soon as possible
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