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Configuration Kali Linux Network Interface Malware Analysis

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January 1, 2016

Hi, I am following the course "Intro to Malware Analysis And Reverse Engineering", but I have some difficulty with network configurations. On the virtual machine "kali" I have two virtual network interfaces (1 NAT + 1 HostOnly). I modified the configuration file "/ etc / network / interfaces" in this way: ``` auto eth0 allow-hotplug eth0 iface eth0 inet dhcp auto eth1 iface eth1 inet static address netmask network broadcast gateway ``` The virtual machine "victim" has only one virtual interface (HostOnly) with static IP. but when I try to ping the machine "victim" to "kali" I have no answer, but Also, if I try to activate the service "INETSIM" it fails. ``` * Dns_53_tcp_udp - failed! * Ntp_123_udp - failed! * Finger_79_tcp - failed! * Irc_6667_tcp - failed! Can not assign requested address * Ident_113_tcp - failed! * Time_37_tcp - failed! * Echo_7_tcp - failed! * Syslog_514_udp - failed! * Time_37_udp - failed! * Discard_9_udp - failed! * Dummy_1_tcp - failed! * Dummy_1_udp - failed! * Echo_7_udp - failed! * Daytime_13_tcp - failed! * Tftp_69_udp - failed! Can not assign requested address * Quotd_17_udp - failed! * Quotd_17_tcp - failed! * Chargen_19_udp - failed! * Chargen_19_tcp - failed! * Daytime_13_udp - failed! * Discard_9_tcp - failed! * Smtps_465_tcp - failed! * Ftp_21_tcp - failed! * Ftps_990_tcp - failed! * Http_80_tcp - failed! * Pop3_110_tcp - failed! * Smtp_25_tcp - failed! * Pop3s_995_tcp - failed! * Https_443_tcp - failed! ``` Simply use NAT for both virtual machine. vmware provides internal network i.e NAT. go to Edit -> virtual network editor -> change setting -> vmnet information -> click on NAT. do this procedure for both virtual machine. and u can ping both OS easily It is't the true way! I'm trying to make a Malware Analysis Lab and i can't setting NAT for both the virtual machine! I could become the best friend of the CC server! XD So I found the solution. I just wrong the netmask. Infact now I have set the net mask and everything works. Thanks!
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