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Comptia GFL?

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January 1, 2016

I think I read it here, but I wanted to confirm with the community as to not get confused. So I have my Security+ and Network+ from over a decade ago. I read that these can be good for life, but because I missed the dates to apply for the CE program, do I just have to pass the current Security+ to make both of them GFL? Thanks! If you've already passed both exams from that long ago, you are already certified for life. However, employers are looking for the CE suffix now. I can't speak to how to enroll in the CE program. I'm not sure if they still offer a CFL -> CE path without taking the test, but as far as the CEUs go, you only need to worry about your highest level cert. In your case Sec+. If you meet the CEU requirements for Sec+, your Net+ will renew automatically. I had the A+, iNet+ & Network+ from back when they were GFL. In September 2014, I took and passed the Security+ CE... and it caused my A+ & Network+ to also be CE (iNet+ was retired, so no CE on it). I later found out that I was supposed to have done something in 2011 or 2012 to transition my GFL's to CE's, but it looks like just passing a higher tiered exam was enough. I'd recommend contacting CompTIA to see if you can get your Security+ to be a CE without retaking it. If you are interested in taking a higher level cert (like CASP), that might work also... but I would recommend calling to find out if it matters to you
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