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Completed My EC Council Courses CEH CHFI ECSA

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January 1, 2016

Hi ; I have recently completed my training courses and successfully passed certification exams for CEH v9, ECSA v9 and CHFI v8. I have created an official Facebook page and interested people can like & share my page, while they can ask any questions they have in cyber security or ... Best Regards; Congrats! Can you share your learning experience/strategy regarding CHFIv8. What materials/resources were you using? I would like to hear about the exam if you have time. Excelent... I like all about forensics Congrats. Will be sure to check it out. Congrats ? Congrats Hi ; Apologies for late reply as I was busy so much, I had already watched training videos and read different books about Forensics and Security analysis before taking these CEH, CHFI and ECSA courses, Somehow the training were easy for me and I enjoyed really. The most challenging point for me was the ECSA Exam which I was facing a big headache with it, first you need to hack a complex network in the EC-Council iLabs environment they only provide few IP addresses nothing, It is really a big challenge to find other pcs and network resources, from other side you cannot download or install any application you must use what is available there. During the hacking you should take screenshot from each and every step you perform and after completing the project you need to prepare a comprehensive report and submit it to EC-Council their team will review and score your report if succeeded then they will give you the exam voucher to take the multiple choices exam and become certified, but in case your report does not succeed then you have to pay money again. Regards; Abdul Ghafar Interesting - does this mean that the first part of the ECSA exam is not proctored? You basically do it from home, which then qualifies you to take the exam? That's quite different. Splunk does something similar where they provide a virtual lab and you have to submit a detailed report at the end. It's not proctored per se, however there is a person available to assist with technical problems, if experienced. That's clever, but I wonder how open to abuse it is. Google have non proctored exams where you turn on a webcam and it needs to see your face at random times throughout the exam to confirm it is you, but I can still see potential for abuse. eg someome offering their services to pass it for you, and just rerouting your webcam throughout the exam. Pls could you provide learning material for ECSA-V9. Congrats :-) I am very happy for you. I have also cracked the exam but I was getting training from Koenig Institute and I was increasing my knowledge by instructor guidelines I would love to share few exam materials with you. That resources helped me a lot Congrats Abdul Ghafar!! I am doing my ECSA now (I did not do ECH before) and I need your advise. Would you please give me your Email address or let me know how I can contact you? Thanks, Congrats Congrats! Graz!! Thanks for sharing the information and it seems really great ! Hi ; Following are my details: Official Facebook page: Twitter: Ghafar\_IT E-Mail: I would be glad to assist you in learning new things and increasing your knowledge in the higher levels. Regards; ok COMPELETE MY CEH AND TRY NEXT LEVEL. Hi Guys, Can some one please help me with challenges in ECSA.. I tried to figure out the n/w's in the day one challenge and found 2 n/w's one in and other in I think, i still miss one more n/w how to figure it out. Thanks
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