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Citrix Servers

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January 1, 2016

Anyone have any experience on this? I've seen both citrix and VMware being used in businesses. But I know very little about citrix servers. Can someone enlighten me? Just to clarify I'm taking about SERVERS not VIRTUAL MACHINES. I don't have any expercience with citrix servers but what do you want to know exactly? Your question, as you put it above, is a bit vague/broad. Definitely would help if you tell us what you're trying to find out. Citrix servers are used to 'publish' Windows desktops and applications across a network. Big advantages are: 1) Save on hardware/energy costs as users can have thin clients instead of full blown PCs. Google for 'wyse thin clients' as an example 2) All communication between endpoint and Citrix server is encrypted 3) Applications can be centrally managed (configured, updated, etc) as they are all hosted on central servers 4) Granular control over what applications users can use/see Are you trying to find out about hacking citrix servers for a pentest? I did a quick [google search for pentesting citrix]( and came across this article: [](
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