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CISSP Practice Questions

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January 1, 2016

Anyone have recommendations for good practice question banks? : Good tests not for only CISSP, also and for CEH, CHFI and PMP. Enjoy! Cheers @bubulina78, that looks useful although there are some wierd questions on there as well and the layout is a little odd. @kellyh, any recommendations? I'm using the Transcender and CCCure practice exams. Shon Harris questions really make you think as well. Hello All! Definitely you want to find some good practice questions and review, review, review. As a matter of fact, I think once you feel comfortable with the material, from that point forward you want to see as many questions as possible. There are a few sources that I like. First of all is a good source for questions, as well as other information relating to the exam. There is a ton of good material at this site and it is very well respected. A nice thing about their exam engine is that you can choose between easy medium, difficult and pro questions. A word to the wise: STAY AWAY From the questions marked "PRO." Honestly, these questions seem to me like they were written by some CISSPs trying to out-geek each other and (IMO) aren't indicative of the real exam. Also, I've always liked the Transcender exam prep. I think they have good ethical questions where they don't feed you the test, but they have good questions indicative of what you might see on the real exam. Really, though, remember. There is no one source of questions that is just like the test. Try to see as many different questions from different sources as possible. Some will be too easy....some will be too hard....the truth is somewhere in the middle. Good luck to you all! @kellyh thanks for the feedback. I've been looking at the stuff I could get for free plus the question engine that comes with the Shon Harris book, similar to this: Have you seen those questions at all? Hi, Passed CISSP little more than month ago (before exam change). For practice questions, I used only paid version. There so no dumps for CISSP with the same questions so, prepare yourself and understand the matter. Hit cccure through all domains until you get “every” time more than 85% in every domain and then you are ready for the exam. But, it’s very important “do not memorize questions because they want be on exam”, but if you hit more than 85% and you understand why that is the answer than you are good to go. If you are not sure after cccure will you be able to pass, then you can try to get some another opinion from let say Transcender. I learn from different sources, one computer based training and three books. Shon, switched to Conrad (less pages and more concrete so I used Shon where I need more info) and CISSP in 11 hours as last to summary crucial facts that you must know. Have fun and good luck with CISSP learning. Appreciate the tips and more importantly congratulations on pass Monk! @Monk, How accurate were the cccure questions to the test? I'm thinking about purchasing them myself, but I want to make sure that at least they resemble the same quality just like on the test. What CBT did you use ? Was the Shon Harris book still relevant even with the new changes? Hi @Froman, Cccure questions will provide you with good questions, hard questions and will prepare you for the exam (if you take 250 questions, it can came handy to prepare mentally), but it’ll not have questions from the exam. Exam is also harder than cccure questions that’s why you need to practice (a lot). Also, don’t forget that you need to study from the books and CBT’s, you cannot learn from cccure, cccure is only to prepare you and test your knowledge after you “think” you know. : ) About the exam, I pass on old Syllabus not new one. I assume that you can still use Shon Harris as reference for lots of topics but take book for new Syllabus and use Shon wherever you can for more info about the topic. If I would go now for the exam, I would take new book that cover new Syllabus. This is how I was learning: first I listen to CBT, like Cybrary to get visual and general knowledge and understanding about domain, then I read book to get into more detail and then I hit cccure for that domain to see how well did I understand everything. And I read few books, so I pass this procedure few times. **You'll need to accept that there is no shortcut for CISSP exam** (you will need to study, prepare yourself, and it takes time to learn it all). Hey @Monk, Thanks for the quick reply. I agree 110% on having no shortcuts. This is actually my second go around taking the exam. The first time I missed by 12%. The only book I have at this time is the new CBK that ISC2 released in early March. I do have a digital copy of the Shon Harris book, but I don't know if I will read that one so much. In the past, I used the ISC2 practice tests and actually they were quite the rip off. Thanks for the info and congrats on passing. For those of you who are going to take the CISSP exam, practice questions are your friend!!! I passed 10 years or so ago, and I've proctored an exam or two. The best advice I can give is: For studying: Practice questions, practice questions, and more practice questions. They will get you used to the exam format, and guide you to what areas you may need to spend more time focusing on. For taking the exam: Answer the questions that's being asked. If you have to assume ANYTHING that could alter your response, don't be afraid to raise your hand and ask for a form to challenge the question. Best of luck to all! Is there any book to refer for CISSP Exam??? Plz Reply Anyone ??? CISSP Practice Questions Exam Cram by Michael Gregg I tend to struggle with Shon Harris's questions for each domain because they are so detail-intricate. How close are they to the actual exam? I still think they have value; I just want to make sure my perception of the real test is clear. Has anyone here got read on the 7th CISSP AIO? How is it compared to that of 6th which was the late Shon Harris herself authored? I like; there were like 7 questions that were word for word which I thought the chances of that happening was impossible. It's free! Take a look at The questions there are "exam like". The memory cards are good to summarize the different domains Am using Official Practice Test from Sybex... Seems good to me so far Thanks Thank you Kelly for the advise.. I am currently studying for my CISSP exam now... also using your CISSP Cybrary videos to help me prep.. I will check out the website as-well.. I highly recommend: Sybex: CISSP Official (ISC)2 Practice Tests by Mike Chapple Sybex: CISSP Official (ISC)2 Android App Dear Security Professionals I passed World’s best cloud security certification CCSP (Certified Cloud Security Professional) on 18 March 2017. I live in India. At present only 3 person are certified for CCSP in India. After passing top 5 worlds best IT security certifications CISA, CISM, CRISC, CISSP, CCSP in one year , I have decided to mentor CCSP exam candidates. My Earlier mile stones are : 1. CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor) – June 2016 (Score 632/800, in top 10%) 2. CISM (Certified Information Security Manager) – Sept 2016 (Score 624/800, in top 10%) 3. CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) – 5 Nov 2016 4. CRISC (Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control) – 10 Dec 2016 (Score 584/800, in top 20%) Background : B. Tech. (Computer Science ) -1990 with more than 25 years of Experience as Vice President / Sr Vice President –IT in manufacturing organizations with major focus on ERP (SAP, Oracle, Ramco) implementations. CCSP Mentoring : I highly rate CCSP certification. Cloud security is the future. No of CCSPs in the world are very less. I faced a lot problems during my CCSP preparation due to lack of available resources. Now I am determined to increase no of CCSP’s across the world. I have started mission 2020. Those who are either CISSP or registered for CCSP exam can join this mission. I shall provide free mentoring for CCSP. Already more than 30 members have joined this mission as on 31 march 2017. To encourage woman participation & woman empowerment , cissp criteria is also waived off. Woman candidates can join this mission with any one global security certification of repute. You can contact me on Regds Naresh Gupta CCSP (Passed on 18 march 17), CISSP,CISA,CISM,CRISC Date : 31-March-2017 Hi , I cleared the CISSP exam in June 2017. I found that there was a dearth of free practice questions for preparation. Hence I have started creating practice questions for anyone to practice. If interested , you may visit []( more detail. No mock exam is close to the actual exam. Try to understand the question asked and take your time in case you do not know. Attempt all the questions as there is no negative marking. If you have a smartphone (not such a big if these days I guess) you could give this app a go. I put it together so would also be keen to hear any feedback you might have of how to improve it - the first 50 questions are FREE so no commitment! There are a few more [details here]( plus the links to download from the relevant store (iOS or Android). Assuming you bought the Sybex guide make sure you take advantage of their online questions too.
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