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CISM Vs CISSP Overlap?

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January 1, 2016

I passed my CISSP a couple of year ago and I'm now studying for my CISM so I've been browsing the site for relevant information/videos. I was looking through the CISSP course by Kelly Handerhan and apart from the chapter on "Information Security Governance & Risk Management" does anyone have any recommendations on what other chapters are worth watching where the information is also relevant to the CISM? @ Escreet You all know about CISSP, get the domain from ISACA for CISM. I'm not sure about your challenge. BR @saayeef To be honest I was wanting to understand the amount of overlap there was between the two certificates to determine if I could use some of the CISSP training on this site as revision for my CISM. I don't see a lot of overlap between the CISSP exam and the CISM exam. I have the CISSP from a few years back, and I took the CISM two days ago. (Don't know if I passed!) The CISM was **much** less technical than the CISSP. All I used for study was the review manual from ISACA. If I don't pass, I will focus almost exclusively on the practice exams available from ISACA. @coachbug funny enough I also took the CISSP exam on Saturday :) just have to wait 5 weeks now for the results now. I used a CISM exam study guide and my CISSP book for revision. Although the CISM exam was, as you said, much less technical I still found the CISSP study helpful. especially with the network diagram questions toward the end of the exam.
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