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CEU's For CompTIA Security+

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January 1, 2016

Do you guys know any way to get CEU's to renew security+ certification. Mine is going to expire in about a month and a half and I have only 12 CEU's out of 50 needed to renew. The 12 that I got were from classes I took and then turned in my transcript to get credit. I saw that there is a CASP course here that will count as 10 CEU's, but wanted to know if there are other resources for attain CEU's online. I know that if I get a higher level cert such as CASP, that my Security+ cert will also renew, and was thinking of going that route. I plan to get attain my A+ first though as many employers look for that in order to get an entry level job? Did you see this? Did'nt see that exact pdf but was on comptia website, are there are other sites such as these where we can look at course videos for CEU's? Since my cert will expire soon I don't think I will have time for the many other options they have availble :( Try looking for webinars on the live recordings count for CEU's. Thanks for the link, do I need to sign up with them to get my CEU's? Also, how do I go about having attaining CEU's on that website? It seems to me that CompTIA wants you to spend lots of money getting CEU's. All the free methods there is a limit on or so it seems. Go for another certification if possible, and move on from comptia's ridicules approach to obtaining CEU's. Just got awarded 15 CEU's toward my Security+ for completing the CISSP course through Also got 20 CEU's for the same course through SkillSoft. I plan on having my CISSP prior to the Sec+ expiring so it's not going to be an issue in any case. If you work in a job with cybersecurity requirements a letter from your supervisor can net you 3 CEU's per year. College courses can also award CEU's, however, I haven't submitted for those yet. This semester will be the first time I'm going to try. CompTIA backed off on the limitations as they recognized that people don't always have access to some of the methods of earning CEU's. I have submitted an in-person course certificate in the past for 48 CEU's and had it approved. You can check if something is approved with CompTIA's CEU Assessment App here: Here is a fairly comprehensive list of the pre-approved sites they accept CEU's from: Finally here is a list of courses directly approved from according to CompTIA: I hope this information helps others renew their certifications through CompTIA. Unfortunately, my organization had an employee allow his to lapse and we were required to disable all of his administrative accounts across the enterprise until he can renew it or quits. $50 a year for maintenance fees isn't too bad and cheaper than most union dues. The Teamsters, for example, is 2 to 2.5 times your hourly wage, depending on your rate, per MONTH. If you make $11 an hour, you pay $22 a month. If you make $12 an hour, you pay $30 a month. Thanks for the list!
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