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Certified Professional Ethical Hacker (CPEH) - By Mile2

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January 1, 2016

I just signed up to this course after hearing about the "bad press" covering EC Council and CEH. I'm watching the video series and also purchased the "self-study" materials that should arrive at the end of the week. I have had access to the EC Council CEHv8 material and watched videos from that course - and after reading that Mile2 was the predecessor to ECC CEH course - and that Mile2 actually taught that course back in the mid-2000's, but split off in 2005. I decided on taking this course since the NSA recognizes it, as does, other state and federal entities do as well. Apparently alot of govt. personnel have been taking the course this year. The course info can be found here and may be a better alternative to those seeking a certification alternative to land a position that will allow one to grow in skill set and knowledge within the IT Security and Pen Testing arena; I went to the STORE tab, selected Course Kits, added that and the Videos ($1050) to my cart. After I get done with the course-ware (Books + Videos) - I will purchase the exam and take it for certification. One can do the whole course online for (e-books, videos, exam) for ($950) which includes the exam as well: E-Book + Exam is $600: Thought I'd share for those attempting to break in or obtain a new skill set. i know certain HR's won't look at a candidate unless they have certification and college hopefully this will allow this to occur! J yes the course has bee around a while, and was very popular before the CEH came around. not sure why it's not getting more coverage. thanks for the share I'm in right now as of yesterday....seems the video training portion is much like CEHv8...which I went through. However, the CPEH videos are to the point and not flooded with a ton of tools and needless conversation. I hope this is a direct course, labs, and exam for certification. ECC recent update in their CEHv8 to just CEH - but advertises v9 - screwed over a ton of people thinking they were going to be tested on v8 material...appears they were not and failed...not good for business (IMHO)... Thanks for the input! J Thanks for the tips. Certification is definitely one vital part of gaining potential clients' trust. (The most vital is reliability, especially regarding keeping confidences.) I wonder how much more valuable an expensive set of certs it, though, compared to a solid degree plus some low-cost certs like CompTIA Security+. I certainly feel that CISSP is still the premier certification, but that's only available for folks experienced in security. At the moment, there are a certain set of people transferring skill sets from intelligence over to cyber. Instead of going back to college to earn another BS in IT Security, the offer given by CompTIA to earn the triple pack (A+, NET+, SEC+) that will gain them a pretty good job while getting the experience they need - it also opens the door for more advanced cert's like what Mile 2 is offering in Digital Forensics or Hacking/Penetration Testing for a better position once those skills and cert's are obtained. CISSP has an alternative due to the "5 yr" requirement that Mile 2 Offers - the C)ISSO -- seems more action orientated and geared for those that are used to taking actions...I think I might have stumbled into a pretty good set of cert's that are convenient for those of us with families and work to get these from the home/office environment without traveling to costly boot camps. I'll see as I get into... J Here's what You get for the Course Kit ($500): 1 Mile 2 Marketing Sheet - May 2013 1 Key Concepts 1 Mile 2 Portable Charger 1 Kit assembly 1 Mile 2 Logo Pen 1 **CPEH Student Lab Guide - Version 3.4**1 Mile 2 Sticky Notepad 1 Mile 2 Code of Ethics - Student Sign 1 **CPEH Prep Guide**1 Mile 2 Completion Certificate - 040413 1 **CPEH Student Workbook - Version 1**1 C-Slide Webcam Cover The CPEH Student Workbook is the Video Slides with text discussion in it. The theory here is that one wouldn't really need to order the videos and save $550. On top of that, the courses offered here for free can be used as a primer to learn and understand all the concepts and labs that will be faced in the actual CPEH Course. I'll be going through the course and learning all the objectives while implementing the Lab Manual as well. Once I'm ready, I'll purchase the Exam ($400) and go from there to schedule the online Exam. Look forward to this set of action! UPDATE: All any student needs is the Self-Study Kit ($500) and the Exam ($400). The Student manual is the video series slides. There is also more data printed on most of the pages of the Student Guide and room for notes to be added. Design a MATRIX in Excel alphabetically for TERM / BOOK / PAGE NUMBER. You will need this to organize your study and to quickly look up terms and items as needed. This will will come in handy for the exam. If anyone has taken a GIAC/SANS course - its exactly like that. i had a look, a bit expensive if i have to convert my currency to $. but sure looks great I bought the CEH v8 course and passed it last Feb after studying it for 3 months. I also took the ethical hacking course here prior. The training was death-by-powerpoint. The iLabs were not much better. I do not think you could do wrong with the CPEH. Anyone studying offensive security today is making a smart career move. I had looked at Offensive Security's program before CEH, but decided I did not have the time commitment for it last year. That is the premiere ethical hacking cert. You will be a hands-on expert if you pass their exam. You just need the time to master the tools and knowledge. EC-Council does have the CEH mapped by DoD to their Cybercareer path. If you want a job working for government, it is still worth earning. I was not aware of their v8-v9 fiasco. They were so focused on offering cyber degree program, that might have taken their focus off their bread and butter certification. They were actually cheaper than EC-Council too! SANS is solid, but it is way expensive and requires you do a value proposition. I started reviewing ECC's ECSA/LPT series- which is much more interactive and you have an open lab to hack, but there are more realistic CTF environments out there along with good books (Hackers Playbook, Basic Security Testing with Kali Linux, etc) and training that are better suited to learning how to do pen-testing following an open methodology. @BlkHatHunter - thanks for the post. I've gotten the labs with CPEH and they are set up almost like OSCP. Not as many machines, but they cover two servers, Windows Vista-8, and Metasploitable - to test specific tools that are well known and used int he industry. Unlike ECC, their briefing slides contain hundreds for each module. I work in the national cyber arena - and it's a known entity - and can be substituted for CEH. The 8750 is going away and being replaced by the 8140. IT will be broader. Time to get serious. But I agree, pen testing and ethical hacking is growing in demand - and for those that are strapped for funding and want the best bang for their buck to learn both theory and actual hacking process - in my opinion, I think Mile2 has it wrapped up. DoD is also finding out that CEH is not delivering the trained hackers that ECC said it would. Too many breaches - and not enough time behind the actual tools and process. The labs at Mile2 mirror OSCP process, but not as in depth as multiple layers on a 24 hr time table. There is a 1 week or 2 week option. So, it's nice for those of us working and family. If anyone is interested: Contact Mile 2 / Bill Nelson / directly and tell him your interests - and see what he can do for you! O: +813 920.6799 ext.26 / The Books I've read so far for prep: (1) Red Team Field Manual (Quick guide to scripts) (2) The Hacker Playbook 2 (detailed instructions) (3) Basic Security Testing with Kali Linux (Outstanding & to the point) (4) Metasploit: Penetration Tester's Guide (Great guide; step-by-step) Thanks for sharing this info. As I'm on a strict budget right now, this certainly fills the bill. UPDATE: As of this morning, I passed my certification for Certified Professional Ethical Hacker C)PEH !!! Having taken both CompTIA A+ce and Security+ ce - in addition to C|HFI and CEH - this exam was a no joke - very serious - and hardcore process of knowledge and quick assessment. In my opinion - the CompIA Security+ exam easier. (Note, I do not have the CEHv8 due to the "nite-before" unannounced update that failed so many people after that event.) That event caused me to seek out Mile2 - which I'm glad I did!!! Regardless what others are saying on here about industry knowledge of Mile 2 certs' - I will be putting that to test and so far have found a very receptive from major defense contracting entities and others. I'll see what and who contacts me now to gauge the popularity of this certification. Until people talk and get the word out - most won't know! In the end, I will stress that the CPEH exam is very serious and covers the material presented, but one had better know the north, south, east, & west vectors of the course lectures, labs, and terminology. On to the Certified Penetration Testing Engineer C)PTE.... Congratulations S3nt1n31! The C)PTE course/exam also has been validated by the NSA, for: CNSSI-4013, National Information Assurance Training Standard for System Administrators. I have done the C)PTE exam myself some time ago. Being a penetration tester myself for many years most of the information was already known to me, but the labs were interesting. Similarly to the (older) CEH exams knowing which tool does what is important. I think that with your current set of books and the C)PTE material you should be ready to go. Big congrats and thanks for the feedback! Thanks for the information and congrats - this is a great forum with alot of talent on here - so the expressions of suggestions are very welcomed. I've visited the Mile2 and like their offerings over CEH. I think you'll be better off going for the CPTE - and be rewarded for such effort. I'm in the CPTE training now, there is bleed over from CPEH - so, if you are already in the hacking world and understand most fo the concepts - just hit CPTE up and take that course! You have to complete a lab report and the exam. But, you have time to do that with the self-study kit and online lab environment! I did the CPEH because I want to measure it against CEH. Having now been through both courses, CPEH was the better course to train and stand up personnel for Ethical Hacking. Plus, I wasn't ambushed like I was under EC Council with their Malaysia team....and then brushed off for dropping $500 on an exam.... Mile 2 is direct and to the point with their training - everything you need to pass the exam is there! I like the fact that they are loyal to their students, have integrity and honor, and stay focused on what needs to be taught and not jam the course with needless fluff! Sounds about right, that's my experience with them too. Planning to take CPEH on last week of April 2016. Good luck! @ Aj - I'll think you'll enjoy it. Straight forward content. Make sure you hit me up if you have any questions. So, does any of the course material for the CPEH or CPTE walk you through setting up your own virtual lab to do the lab work? Or does the course material just deal with Mile2's Cyber Range lab? All the other info provided by you guys has been fantastic. It's much appreciated. The Mile2 system sets the Cyber Range separate from the course. The Range has to be purchased in either 1 week or 2 week intervals. The CPTE is about 10 hrs in length if one sticks right to the instructions. I have done some of it on my own Virtual Box - but a couple of the VM's I don't have (Windows Server 2008 / 2012) - so it makes it difficult. Plus I don't own a license to SAINT - and that is an entire Lab module. I would say someone dedicating an entire weekend can get through it and have the details to write up a lab report. CPEH does not require a lab report and most of the modules can be completed off line using your own VM suite of OS's. If you need help setting a Virtual Box lab - I can offer assistance. They are great to have. I did up a power point and can save it to PDF and load it onto Drop Box for anyone to download. That'd be great if you offered up your presentation. I've already found a few other sites that provide details on setting up a virtual lab, but I'm a firm believer in reviewing such solutions from various people & perspectives so that I can then cobble together what I think will work best for me. I would be very interested in that presentation as well. Thanks Guys! i'm moving to CPEH or CPTE. If someone want to train with me, give me a PM. Find my POST on CPTE here: Hope this helps anyone trying to chose their best course of action. Train - Study - Test - and Excel!!!! Just passed Mile2 CPEH last March, just would like to know how to obtain CPE credits? @amazack -- The Lab Manual is set up for you to go on the Cyber Range and complete each section. Although, not required, the Lab Manual is in the Self-Study Kit. It has all the directions and screen shots needed if someone does not have the additional funding for the Mile2 Cyber Range. One can still take the Lab Manual and complete it with a self-VM setup on one's computer system. The other option, is just read through all the labs in the manual and follow the screen shots. Prior to Mile2 - I had set-up my own VM environment using Oracle and downloading different VM .iso files to load up. It was great experience doing that and dealing with different errors. I learned alot. Having the Kali Linux VM iso and using Metaspolit 2 will help with most of the Labs. Finding a copy of Win 7, 2003, 2008 will also increase your knowledge. I also setup a Debian server VM for those attacks as well. Most tools out there are FREE and can be used either forever or 30 day trials. Without the CYBER RANGE LAB, the student will not be able to use SAINT - but there are others out there that are free to use to conduct "like" scans and can be drawn from to produce results for a Pen Test Report. I also set-up a Pen Test Report Template - and used the lab process and results to insert and write to where I finally had a complete Pen Test Report. Setting up a VM Lab environment is not hard. A good system (Win7/8) + (8GB memory) will go a long ways. I first started with two VM's running (Attacker & Victim systems) just running 3 GB memory on a Vista system. So, it can be done....takes a little longer to run stuff...but it can be done. If you doubt about CEH, please take the SANS GPEN course ! regards PRICE COMPARISON CHART Mile2 - Certified Penetration Testing Engineer - C)PTE ONLINE (1) Books+Exam:$600 (2) Books,Video, labs + Exam: $950 SELF STUDY (1) Self-Study Kit/Books: $500 (2) Self-Study Kit/Books + Videos: $1050 Exam: $400 TBA for Continuing Education Mile2 - Certified Professional Ethical Hacker - C)PEH ONLINE (1) Books+Exam:$600 (2) Books,Video, labs + Exam: $950 SELF STUDY (1) Self-Study Kit/Books: $500 (2) Self-Study Kit/Books + Videos: $1050" Exam: $400 TBA for Continuing Education \* CPEH & CPTE - one only needs the books + exams ($900). Labs can be purchased extra, however the manual comes with the self-study kit and can be completed using one's own VM Lab - minus a few licensed tools. Offensive Security - OS Certified Professional - OSCP No BootCamp (1) 30-Days: $800 (2) 60-Days: $1000 (3) 90-Days: $1,150" Prep with 3 options online videos/labs Price included in Lab purchase NO CEU's to Maintain GIAC - Penetration Tester GCIH, GCED, GPEN $5,620 Boot Camp Cost (Open Book Exam w/ provided materials from Boot Camp Self-Study: 3rd Party Sources EXAM: $659 Every 4 years: $399 / 36 Continuing Education Credits EC Council - Certified Ethical Hacker - CEH Boot Camp: $1,999 to $2,895 Self Study Kit v8: $870 (Have not seen v9 Kit cost yet) EXAM: $500 +$100 application fee Every 3 years with $80 annual fee / 120 CE's IACRB - Certified Penetration Tester - CPT Boot Camp: $4,198 Online & Self-Study: Certain Files Available EXAMS (2): $499 & $399 CEUs: Every 4 years by taking a new exam at no cost Compared to CompTIA's IT Roadmap - C)PTE is the best option and will place student at the EXPERT Level. The GSLC by SANS/GIAC is a level below at ADVANCE. CEH is listed as ADVANCE, but the cost is more and sporadic per materials to study. Just what I took off each vendors website per the respective certification. Also - CompTIA has just announced that the Cybersecurity Analyst+ (CSA+) certification (equal to Security+) will be issued out in First Quarter 2017. Something else to look forward to.
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