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Certified Penetration Testing Engineer CPTE

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January 1, 2016

Well, after my adventure with ethical hacking just beginning with obtaining the certification for that from Mile 2. I have received and started the Mile 2 Certified Penetration Testing Engineer course. The course come with alot of items that are very useful, but the main items are the Study Exam Prep Guide (179 pgs), the Student Workbook(590 pgs+), and the Lab Workbook (10 labs, 255 pgs). The Lab Manual goes with Mile 2 Online Cyber Range and one can get 1 or 2 week intervals. YOu must notify Mile 2 when to start. Each Lab has a time on it so one can plan ahead. Coupled with instructions are screen shots of the each lab item as it progresses forward for error checking and accomplishment. Much like OSCP (I'm measuring this against a copy of the BackTrack Lab I have) - you have to remote into Mile 2 Cyber Range and complete the labs using the tools they have. SAINT is one of them. Some Labs, one could complete in a VM environment using common tools like NMAP and Metasploit. However, this CPTE LAB is matched with the Cyber Range. All in all, I've completed the video series. MOving through the Prep Guide and will organize my Student Manual afterwards to match up against the TERM/BOOK/PAGE matrix (xml) I'm making for Quick Reference. This is exactly like SANS/GIAC courses when prepping. Again, if you haven't seen my CPEH post, Mile 2 has incorporated SANS + OSCP elements to gear one to come out with the same skill set, but for alot less. ANyone wanting to increase their standing and start a new career in hacking or pen testing should really look at this. Even though my employer is paying for it - I like the wide available time to study, organize, and complete the labs (with Lab Report handed in as well) for a very effective course of instruction. I'm excited and I hope sharing this with anyone interested in Pen Testing will hopefully make it possible for individuals to afford specialized instruction. Also take note, CompTIA Roadmap that is currently up lists CPTE as EXPERT, above other better known certs. Something to think about and have a look. I'll probably take 3 months to get through it. I took 6 months to study both A+ce and Security+ce...and over a year to study and pass my CHFI. I spent 10 months on ethical hacking. So, I like taking my time and not being rushed and actually enjoying using different tools and Kali Linux. I'll have a great ROI and security in the IT Security world as well....and in today's employment environment - this will go along ways!!! Back to studying.... Good Brother. Thanks for share this with us. And congratulation. :) Did you pass already? I passed my CPEH - then immediately signed up for CPTE. I will say CPTE is very solid. The Student Workbook (15 Chapters) is jammed for of information beyond the discussion of the video slides. The Lab Manual has 10 labs all broken time by how long it will take you. Comprehensive course to say the least. I understand now why the USAF is using it, as are others now around the globe. Straight forward...nothing but good things to say! I will be going through this for the next 3 months at least before I attempt the exam. I still have to complete the labs and turn in my Lab Report first. True, the material and labs are good. I hope they upgraded the exam questions a bit because I had a few which were ambiguous or vague. On the other side; pretty much all exams have at least 1 or 2 questions which are a bit "off". Nothing but good comments on the material though! Thanks for sharing. Thanks for sharing. hi how much is cost of course brother i have thevideo from torrent @alimustafa The CPTE Self-Study Course where the Student is set up with an online account and actual physical books arrive to study from (plus a bunch of other stuff) - $500 I don't know about videos being released or even downloadable - to include torrents. However, the main Student Workbook is the video slides + additional information listed on each page. The Workbook and Lab Guide is where most of the exam questions come from. The Exam is $400. is the lab online or works offline on virtual machines thanks Mile2 Cyber Range is through their own virtual lab environment. You log in for 1 or 2 weeks depending on what you buy. You should give yourself at least 20 hrs of free time to complete the lab. There is also a Lab Report or Pen Test Report due at the end of it. There are various examples that give you a basic format. That is my understanding. I'm getting to that point soon (had other delays). At the end of each Lab their are a set of quiz questions to answer. Mostly, how to defend or protect against the attack. Of course, doing Pen Testing, you should be offering these fixes to the client anyways. I added up the actual Lab Time per Module and got 9 hrs - but because things might now go correctly - double that to be safe. Some of the labs can be done done on one's own VM Lab - but I don't have all the tools (ones that have to be purchased) to complete them all. So - basically - you'll be in a secure tunnel on the Cyber Lab where your time will begin set up by Mile2 at your choosing - an then end depending on what you purchased (1 week or 2 weeks). This is like Offensive Security's 30, 60, 90 days of time offered for OSCP. Unlike OSCP, Mile 2 has direct tool usage and direct attacks to gain understanding from the Lab Manual I've gone through. I strongly suggest those taking the Mile2 CPTE or any other course, they purchase the Self Study "printed" combo package. I like having the printed material to take note on and flip back and forth without tying up my laptop screen! I finished the Cyber Range labs as of today. After following the attached video instructions - I logged in via RDP and used the Mile2 VM to allow for an outstanding lab experience. I've taken online/VM labs through American Military University during my digital forensics training back in 2014 for C|HFI, but I found the Mile 2 Cyber Range to be highly functional, direct, to the point, and expandable if needed to work on a few outside demonstrations of the tools provided. A fully understandable set of labs and the tools needed to accomplish the assigned tasked. Glad Mile2 put together the most popular and powerful tools used in the industry - instead of listing a multitude of them. No drag times, modules & VM's loaded up instantly, tools worked like they were suppose to. You can update or load your own password dumps from your system and add txt files if needed to run Cain & Able, Wireshark, Armitage, etc... Anyone training for ethical hacking or penetration testing seriously needs to look at Mile2, I highly recommend Cyber Range. It was enjoyable and I never became overwhelmed or bored. I followed the Lab Manual that came with my self-study kit and took accompanying screen shots for my own personal lab report. Mile2 has a done a great service for guys like me transitioning from irregular warfare over to cyber warfare with training modules and kits they provide. Having used Kali Linux, Metasploitable 2, Metasploit+Meterpreter before & currently with assigned exploits was another refresh and more practice that never gets old. Prepping some more before the CPTE Exam... Have a great weekend everyone on Cybrary!!! Smoke some hamburgers & enjoy!!! Most interesting! I passed the CPTE this weekend!!! I found that it was a combination of Security+, CPEH, and the CPTE materials. Mostly CPTE - which I suggest obtaining at least Security+ before hand. Mile2 actually recommends A+ and Security+ before launching into CPTE. The exam was tense and fast paced. Knowing hacking and pen testing tools with UNIX/LINUX is a must. However, taking the Cyber Range and going through ALL the material in the self-study kit will prepare any student. I took some time and really organized my study, used the Cyber Range for its full effect, and when everything aligned - I took the exam. I'm off to prep for Linux+ and start using the skill set to improve more and more each day and through each exercise. I have one dedicated laptop with Kali 2 on it and plan on getting the most out of Metasploit + Amritage as well. Seems adversarial entities use those those 2 alot! If anyone is interested in CPTE (See CompTIA IT Roadmap) - please send me a private message! Mile2 is good to go. Excelent... I want this certification... Nice i live in Brazil i dont know before this cert. Thanks for sharing your experience and congratulations. Thanks for the heads up about Mile2 I had never heard of it before. I was thinking of doing the CEH course but now have another option. @gallifrean -- Although EC Council has re-did their CEH and placed it under a new review board - the main thing you need to know is that due to this - the exam can be changed/updated at anytime from any number of sources. You can study the official course material, but it doesn't mean that ECC won't update the exam to a point where there is new information - so much so - that you fail. This occurred to multiple people worldwide in OCT 2015. ECC didn't refund their money, gave them 25% off for a re-test, and explained that the new revisions as stated above. The exam itself was poorly written and maybe has gone through several revisions. That's unknown. People walked away from ECC due to this. There is no way one can study everything and think they are ready, walk in, and then find out that there enough questions about certain items that cause them to score right below the 70% mark. It seems to me that it's a way of getting more money and establishing a fake reputation that their CEH exam is hard. If the changes are updated and the student does not know about these changes while studying official course work - it just seems to be underhanded. Mile2, a US based company, that 's works closely with the US, Canadian, and British governments and their respective military - plus a host of more int he law enforcement community, both state and federal, seems to be honorable to where they want the student to get certified and will work with the student and never send out a blanket response to those with complaints. I have found them more acceptable and willing to work with me and others I work with in getting each of us trained and certified. I had a former professor at American Military University that works for them and went to them after my digital forensics training and cert. I will be staying with MILE2 into the foreseeable future, as will the people I work with. Mile2 designed their CPTE for the US AIR FORCE -- that says alot. If the largest air force in the world uses them to protect their platforms - then, why would you seek out a volatile cert like CEH --- go for the CPTE - it's better and more respected - especially in the intelligence world. MILE2 trains personnel in both the US military and Canadian. In my opinion -- they take this serious -- it's not about money - it's about getting the right people trained & certified - so they can defend their networks. Also - read the history of MILE2 -- they developed the CEH for ECC and left them to create MILE2. Seems ECC wasn't doing certain things and screwing the student int he end. Thanks for the detailed reply I did not know that about the CEH but as work is paying and I have already started on the labs I will persevere. I will certainly mention Mile2 to my manager as an alternative. However he has already forked out on the CEH labs so i am obliged to carry on. I found the labs to be good. perhaps it is the material for the exams that I need to worry about. If I dont do the exams but only the labs then changes will not affect me. @gallifrean - I think doing Ethical Hacking labs will be good - the process is taught the same from various vendors - so you will get the same training in tools. What set's Mile2 different from ECC - is that the labs conducted and the specific tools used - are the same ones you are tested on in the exam. They don't present 100's of tools where any number of questions could come from like ECC. Even when I studied for my CHFI - there were more tools than I could remember, so I focused on the mail ones. Of the tools I was asked about on the exam - some I did not remember - but I used the process of elimination - and apparently got most of those right. I'd rather study material and then tested on that material -- anything else I might learn for CEU's can come's getting the foundation established to build off of. That's why I love Mile2's approach to all this and they are established. Just my observations.... I have not thought about the CEH exam but are you saying that the exam is more like a lab where you are given virtual problems to solve OR is it you are given scenarios and asked qustions about them which have multiple choice answers CEH is straight up multiple choice questions. Mile2 is the same with the exam, but it is set up like SANS/GIAC courses and certifications. The thing I liked about Mile2 is the Cyber Range that incorporates the material into actual labs where questions drawn from the Mile2 labs are on the exam. The new CEHv9 Exam is drawn from their official material & objective lists - I think they have labs and questions relating to NMAP and NESSUS on there --- but nothing that would make one walk away as an actual ethical hacker. TechExam had a bunch of very upset people on there talking about the way they were treated by ECC and the update to CEH that was unannounced. The training with Mile2 is straight forward - uses well known tools - and then will test you on those specific tools. So knowing what they are - plus - what they do is key on the exam. I think Mile2 covers more in depth than ECC. Plus, Mile2 has your back and wants you to excel in your career. The Pentagon hired a bunch of CEH certified people in 2014 and they are now finding out that cert is not all that it is cracked up to be... Mile2 training is set up in a way that it mirrors GIAC/SANS (course/exam) and Offensive Security (Cyber Range). I like to step into things, build my knowledge, then elevate it...which is why after multiple reviews of the various vendors - I went with Mile2. I'm also staying with CompTIA. Check out their IT Cert Roadmap. Mile2 and CompTIA are straight forward. Obviously, OSCP is the master cert and there are others I work with that are going through that training - just depends how much time you want to commit (or have free) and what your employers are looking for per certifications and experience. Ask around - get that conversation going - and if you have 90 days and $1,000 - go for OSCP....if you don't and want to take 4 - 5 months to learn CPEH or CPTE -- then re-visit OSCP -- you have that option. I'm in the defense industry -- ECC/CEH has blown itself as a reputable cert --- so I'm glad I went with return in investment (ROI) is paying off...hope this helps... If I owe a presentation to anyone - please send me a private message... Something else for those looking at training options.... PRICE COMPARISON CHART Mile2 - Certified Penetration Testing Engineer - C)PTE ONLINE (1) Books+Exam:$600 (2) Books,Video, labs + Exam: $950 SELF STUDY (1) Self-Study Kit/Books: $500 (2) Self-Study Kit/Books + Videos: $1050 Exam: $400 TBA for Continuing Education Mile2 - Certified Professional Ethical Hacker - C)PEH ONLINE (1) Books+Exam:$600 (2) Books,Video, labs + Exam: $950 SELF STUDY (1) Self-Study Kit/Books: $500 (2) Self-Study Kit/Books + Videos: $1050" Exam: $400 TBA for Continuing Education \* CPEH & CPTE - one only needs the books + exams ($900). Labs can be purchased extra, however the manual comes with the self-study kit and can be completed using one's own VM Lab - minus a few licensed tools. Offensive Security – OS Certified Professional – OSCP No BootCamp (1) 30-Days: $800 (2) 60-Days: $1000 (3) 90-Days: $1,150″ Prep with 3 options online videos/labs Price included in Lab purchase NO CEU’s to Maintain GIAC – Penetration Tester GCIH, GCED, GPEN $5,620 Boot Camp Cost (Open Book Exam w/ provided materials from Boot Camp Self-Study: 3rd Party Sources EXAM: $659 Every 4 years: $399 / 36 Continuing Education Credits EC Council – Certified Ethical Hacker – CEH Boot Camp: $1,999 to $2,895 Self Study Kit v8: $870 (Have not seen v9 Kit cost yet) EXAM: $500 +$100 application fee Every 3 years with $80 annual fee / 120 CE’s IACRB – Certified Penetration Tester – CPT Boot Camp: $4,198 Online & Self-Study: Certain Files Available EXAMS (2): $499 & $399 CEUs: Every 4 years by taking a new exam at no cost Compared to CompTIA’s IT Roadmap – C)PTE is the best option and will place student at the EXPERT Level. The GSLC by SANS/GIAC is a level below at ADVANCE. CEH is listed as ADVANCE, but the cost is more and sporadic per materials to study. Just what I took off each vendors website per the respective certification. Also – CompTIA has just announced that the Cybersecurity Analyst+ (CSA+) certification (equal to Security+) will be issued out in First Quarter 2017. Something else to look forward to. CONTACT MILE 2 Address: 11928 Sheldon Rd Tampa, Florida 33626 Email questions to: Bill Nelson: P: 800.81.Mile2 (800.816.4532) P: 813.920.6799 I wana do this certification @Reazul Islam - contact Mile2 and sign up for an account. The Self-Study Kit ($500) is really all you need to pass the exam. The Student manual is the slide deck for the Video Series. Some people like to watch video to learn - but the Student Manual has extra stuff in it and you can do outside research and write notes in the space below the slides. I say this, because some people have a limited budget. So the Self-Study ($500) + Exam ($400) = $900. I also suggest you design your own Study Matrix using Excel. It should be set up to reflect the TERM / BOOK / PAGE# in an alphabetically organized format. This will help you in studying to quickly find the specific term you need to look up. Quick recall and knowing what the correct answer is during the exam will aid you during this final stage of this course. This course is set up like SAN/GIAC - open book exam. They use their own remote exam engine that you sign into to take the exam from your office/home PC. Regardless of how easy this sounds, it's not. You still have a small window to deduct what the correct answer is - so you have to know the material. The Cyber Range is there (1 week = $125) for you to go into and use the Lab Manual that comes with the Self-Study Kit and test and become familiar with the set of tools that Mile2 uses. Most of the tools are free and you can conduct these labs on your own VM - but some have a license, so the only way to actually use these is through the Cyber Range - one of their vulnerability testers called SAINT is like this. Although, I got alot out of the Cyber Range - if you are limited on funds - you can conduct more of the labs using your own VM testing lab. There are a few vulnerability scanners out there you can conduct your own tests on. ( ) ( ( ( Good luck! j @S3nt1n31 How can i send a private msg? I already sign up mile2 for CPTE. I am a current Penetration Tester for a financial company in the South East. I took the CVA exam a few months back after talking to Bill at Mile2. It's a relatively fundemental exam and I knocked out the class and exam in a few days, but I gotta say, I am really impressed with their setup. I hope their name and certs get more recognition in the future. I was planning on getting CPTE and CPTC after the CVA, but then I got hired and have no need to get the certs right now. On top of that, CVA is the only cert I actually hold right now. I took the OSCP lab time but did not take the exam yet. I'm going to go back to it at the end of the year. My current life (family w/ small children) is not ideal to stand and study for 90 days to complete the OSCP. However, that may come one day. In the meantime, I do Capture the Flag and other OVA VM challenges to stay current on different tools and technques. I'm glad you liked MILE2. They do alot with certain military entities and the US, Canada, and Britain...and some others. Their set-up is just like SANS/GIAC - but without the huge cost/price. I'm glad I remembered them after taking several courses at AMU and had a professor there that was an instructor and former CI Agent for the US Army. They are good to go...!!! CONTACT MILE 2 Address: 11928 Sheldon Rd Tampa, Florida 33626 Email questions to: Bill Nelson: P: 800.81.Mile2 (800.816.4532) P: 813.920.6799
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