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January 1, 2016

HELLO ANY BODAY CAN YOU TELL ME WHAT IS THE DIFFERENT BETWEEN CCNA AND NETWORK PLUS The main differences IMHO are that they are run by different bodies. CCNA is run by Cisco where as Network+ is run by CompTIA. CompTIA is vendor independent whilst Cisco is a de facto market leader. Also if you look at the CYBRARY courses you will see that Network+ course is about twice as long as the CCNA and consequently counts as double the CEU/CPE. I think much of the content is similar but you would have to compare the syllabus in detail to be sure. thank you cliffwilliam Yeah, CCNA is very Cisco specific and gets into actually using the command line prompt to configure your routers and switches while CompTIA Network + is just terms, concepts, and definitions. In Network +, you never actually configure anything as it is very generic and is just designed to serve as a Foundation to learn networking. However, it does cover a lot so you will get a lot of exposure to many things. I just completed watching all of Cybrary's Network + and it was comprehensive but you everything is just theory and not actual practice. I also studied for the CCIE, which is the first part of the CCNA training from ITProTV and they did actually show you how to work on live equipment which was nice. However, I stopped after learning that once I completed the written exam of $300 then there was a lab that cost $1400 that you would need to complete as well before earning your CCIE, which is an entry level Cisco Tech Certification. That is just WAY TOO MUCH MONEY so I quit! @callpath, you started off really well there, but then you started talking absolute garbage. ICND is the first part of the CCNA, then you have to do the ICND 2 (CCNA) exam, after that comes 3 x CCNP exams (ROUTE, SWITCH & TSHOOT). Only then should anyone attempt the CCIE written then lab (which is widely considered the top Network Engineering certification worldwide). The clue is in the name: Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert. If you thought the CCIE was an entry level certification or a pre-cursor to the CCNA I have to question whether you've ever attempted a Cisco exam in your life. @caadil In short, if you want a fundamental understanding of networking theory, do the Network+ course. If you want a job in networking and hands on labs, do the CCNA course. Network+ will allow you to TALK about networking, and theories, CCNA will let you demonstrate HOW to accomplish those theories. Both have advantages, and disadvantages. Network+ is not vendor specific...that's why it's focuses on theories....I.e if you know that two devices on a LAN have to have be in the same subnet to communicate...then you can look up how to set those device IP's online...and still get things working..but you still have to look up how. CCNA shows you the commands you actually need, and HOW to do things, it also covers theory as well..but not in the same way Network+ does. I say Network+(foundational theories, terms, concepts, etc) Then CCNA(Which will actually renew Network+...even CompTIA recognizes it as a 'higher cert' than Net+) that way you can study the how's because you already know the why's @Pr0m3th3us, I stand corrected. It appears that I mistakenly confused CCIE with CCENT. For some reason, I was thinking that CCENT was CCIE and now I know that is not true. You are right that I have not attempted any Cisco Certifications as I was studying for the CCENT but quit when I saw the lab requirement for CCIE and thought that it applied to CCENT instead and quit the course. However, after seeing my mistake, I can see that it is still worth pursuing the CCENT certification as you get good exposure to Cisco IOS and configuring Routers and Switches and a the investment is not as expensive as I originally thought. @callpath : thanks for the clarification I took A+ two years ago. I got my Sec plus last year and I wasnt able to pass the CASP this week lol COMPTIA is not what it was a few years back. When I took the Sec+ there were 2 guys taking it with me who previously had the cert. They were taking it because their old one expired. They both did not pass. They said the test had gotten a lot harder. Every time they come out with an updated they increase the difficulty. They have performance based questions on top of the multiple choice. I know in Net+ there are subnetting simulations and you have to confire an ACL after reading logs. In the CASP I studied Transcender practice exams and read Cybex. The lack of experience was what got me. I understood all the objectives but still struggled with the scenarios. ,? thanks all
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