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CCNA Certification Validation

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January 1, 2016

I just noticed that the CCNA certification valid only for 3 years. Dont you think its stupid? its 300$ for just 3 years.... It's really worth it? and what I can do at the end of the 3 years? I just noticed that the CCNA certification valid only for 3 years. Dont you think its stupid? its 300$ for just 3 years.... It's really worth it? and what I can do at the end of the 3 years? Technology moves so fast, it gets updated all the time and Cisco updates their curriculum every few years so it makes sense why it's only valid for 3 years. The knowledge you gather from the CCNA is worth it in the long run because it gives you a good understanding of networking and an understanding on how to apply this knowledge to CISCO devices and $300 dollars is expensive, but the certification has a lot of credit in IT and it can help give you a salary boost or help towards getting a job in IT. The certification does expire after 3 years but you can do another CISCO certification which will renew your other certification(s) and even if you don't renew, the knowledge you gain from CCNA is valuable. If I renew the certification, how much do I need to pay for the exams? I guess we will find out in 3 years time how much the exam costs. Typically, a network admin\\engineer wouldn't be idle for three years in certification. As I understand it, even passing one equal or higher exam renews all of the lower certs. Go for CNCA RS, then get CCNA Security in the next year or so, maybe CCDA. By then you'll have a few years' experience and start on CCNP or CCDP. Sure, the exams are $150-$250 each. But one exam a year? $250-$750 per year as a decently paid network person is a worthwhile investment. I'd even go so far as to say a test per quarter is pretty doable with a decent paycheck. If you've got these skills, certs, time in industry and a few hundred dollars a year is still too much, you CAN'T afford not to invest in the training and get a better job, or ask your current employer to pay/reimburse you for the training and certification. TL;DR-The small amount of money and time to get and maintain/grow your professional education is worth it. If it's not worth it to you, find another profession. The certifications that you pass once and never have to revisit have little value, in my humble opinion. I believe I still am considered an NT4! Like others have said, technology changes so quickly that you need to keep certs up to date. And the exam fees aren't that expensive. I have 5 SANS certifications right now and I have to renew them every 4 years for about $400US each time. Thank you very much! Im just 17, I dont have an employer. After CCNA RS, I'll do the CCNA security exam. But my money has a limit. However, by the end of the 3 years, the CCNA certification is steal valuable? @iyonatan, knowledge always has value. The thing is with a certification is if you let it expire then you can't really say you're certified. The cost to get certified is pretty high and usually the cost to renew is much less. It's all up to you. @mr\_clark Thank you very much! I'll steal be thinking about taking the exam, but I'll finish the course here anyway CISCO advices to retake the current certification exam or a similar or higher qualifying exam with in 3 years time frame to extend your certification validity. (usually, these vendors expect their candidates either employed or soon to be employed. Plus CISCO has great value in networking field) If the certification expire before you can manage a re-certification, you lose the advantage of being certified. Also, if you're certified in past, but don't know your latest stuff, who is going to employ you? Wouldn't you be able to secure a part-time/parallel job(in networks, preferably) along with your studies? i want it. At 17 years old, $150 for an exam is a lot. The thing to keep in mind is that when you do get a networking position, or any decent IT position for that matter, $150-$300 may only equate to a handful of hours worth of pay. With the decent job that the CCNA can help you get , that's about a day and a half to two day's pay. Not bad for three years worth of certification. By the time you get up to a full on CCNP, at $750 for all three tests plus study materials, labs, etc... You still may only be looking at an actual week's pay. It seems impossible now, but I personally pursue a cert every quarter. Whether it's networking, security, or systems. Spread out over the three months, I put aside a bit of money every paycheck and budget for materials and exam fees. Free and low cost resources such as Cybrary will really help out and should be used to the fullest. And, when you land that fat consulting gig paying $150 per billable hour, be sure to support these free and low cost options.I did my first CCNA in 2003, it will still be usable, relevant and respected. Part of the idea of the renewal every 3 years is the keep it valid, it changes, my first one had ATM and ISDN in, not any more!
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