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Capture Bat Hash Information - CaptureBAT-Setup-2.0.0-5574

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January 1, 2016

Since Capture Bat (capturebat) only shows the md5 on their webpage, I wanted to look up what the SHA-1 and SHA-256 hashes were. Correct me if I am wrong but they are as follows: CaptureBAT-Setup-2.0.0-5574.exe MD5 c1894e46ffe89be6ca35729d9dab6145 SHA1 c507c1fea3c550dc32d4b0238df47115ab4cd8de SHA256 c91e50a921f07eb7ce510441761daf38f3e4e6340cf9faf67e660a3d13bd88e8 Analysis date: 2015-12-17 20:20:43 UTC - First submission 2009-06-03
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