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Cannot Extract Kali-linux-1.0.6-vm-i486

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January 1, 2016

how do you decompress Kali-linux-1.06-vm-i486?, I tried to archive it ,but it resulted to corrupt vmx file. you mean you tried to extract it.... if it is corrupted there might be file missing while downloading check it's hash, if it is downloaded properly from source (from where you downloaded it). thanks, Lalit. Why you use an old version of Kali? The latest distro is Kali 2.0 and you can run it in a VM if you want. I can recommend Whonix with Kali in a VM that makes you very hard to detect, better than TOR of proxy-chains. Good luck ^Agreed, I would install the latest kali. The interface changed but the console still looks the same (ha) -- With this distro you would always want the latest flavor of the tools.
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