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January 1, 2016

Hi, I have opted for career path (penetration tester) for a month and I want to cancel the subscription I tried asking people for help as I can't find any option to do so. this month auto payment I lost 99$. plz, help me out. Hello, did you try to ask us in the chat box in lower right corner? Kiara, Why would subscription cancels need to be handled through a chat box? The only reason I can think of is to make the process as frustrating as possible for the end-user. An insider pro advertising point claims "cancel at any time", this should be a simple click of a button. I shouldn't have to wait for an undetermined amount of time to speak to a customer service representative in a chat box. Yes, I have tried the chat box below... no one is responding. I can't believe this. I would like to cancel my subscription. Your button for cancelling my subscription does not work. Please get back to me ASAP
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