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Can You Use Packet Tracer For Network +?

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January 1, 2016

I'm learning comptia A+ but I will be done soon. I've taken CCNA Academy ,but never got the cert.I have access to packet tracer;Would using packet tracer be good for network + or is it overkill or completely different? Is Packet Tracer useful in networking? Sure, if you have cisco products. Packet Tracer is a Cisco toy to help you learn how to program with cisco code and how to troubleshoot it. Network+ won't mess with that. Network+ is broadly defined. IT is IP/ subnets, topography, cable, telephony, wifi, cables, etc. It all about HOW a network works, not so much how to do it with specific brand/devices. You are all over the place my friend. You should have gone A+ -> Net+ -> CCNA (basic -> specific) @purpleBadger I took network security certificate and Cisco certificate.I was okay at cisco,I just lacked the confidence in everyday life to take the Certification.I finally got over some confidence issues,my friend said I should be making 60,000 dollars at least for all the information.I'm now trying to be focused A+ and getting into WGU. Thanks for the information guys, I took an update course about CCNA, and did some practicing with Packet Tracer, you could use it for a better understanding about how the OSI model works in Simulation Mode(you can trace the work of the different layes in the network transmission). As you can see is a really little use for the ammount of topics that we can see at Network+. thanks nice info Is GNS3 also the same as packet tracer or is it more helpful for N+ students? I think you need to download some images on GNS3.
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