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Can I Get A Job......(please Read)

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January 1, 2016

Hi, I just want to ask if I can get a job when I only study here in cybrary? I mean would they require me to atleast have a diploma or certificate? I've always wanted to be part of the computer industry combined with medical industry (since my mom insists me to take Nursing course). And since cybrary offers free course with regards to Computer Forensics, I want to know if I can apply outside. Thank you. Hi Iziek, Yes you can if you master the content and are able to prove it in an interview. Actually sitting the exam and passing will enhance your credibility and confidence. I have been in information Security for over five years and no one has ever asked for my degree. It may be slightly different depending on your country. You've got the interest then go for it. Very Enlightening thanks...@ Howdy, Information Technology in the healthcare industry is pretty big right now. While working through Cybrary can certainly increase your knowledge, gaining a degree a Health Information Technology field would help even more. Just using the University I am attending as a jumping off point, you can see some information [here]( , a degree with certifications will make you more marketable than only taking courses that are available free online. Cybrary is a great supplement, but I would not rely solely on this content when job searching. Jason Aww thanks for the reply werry :) Jason, ok I'll check out the info you've posted. Thanks much! i agree if you have enough skills then no one will ask you for a can even be a freelancer and earn a handsome income every month....i know most of the people are bug hunters and they earn good amount by doing this. I am not going to say it is impossible to land a job in forensics with only free online training, but it will be incredibly challenging. While the information posted above is accurate, the problem is a lot of employers will not even extend an interview without a certain degree of education. Obviously, supply and demand and geography play a big role here. The other major problem is, a lot of employers are not only looking for an educational background, but are looking for experience in the industry as well. To add insult to injury, forensic positions are often not advertised in the smaller cities, meaning when you do find a position you often have more competition. Don't get discouraged, but if forensics is what you want to do I would highly advise you consider continuing your education. The time is well spent and well worth it.
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