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Bypassing Internet Paywall?

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January 1, 2016

I was wondering how exactly a hacker would be able to bypass an internet paywall (ex. like in airports, cruise lines, etc. where it is an open network but you need to pay to use it) and what can be done to stop them. Would anyone happen to know these things? I've seen articles detailing how to do this. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to provide you step by step ways how to do it on here but I can probably get you started. To start, captive portals (your gateway to the payed Internet at airports and so on) are where you would log in and provide the proper credentials for access to the internet. From what I've seen, these will use the clients (mobile device) MAC address as their ID to the network. There are tools out there (in Kali Linux) to view clients connected to an access point. It will also give you their MAC address. What you would need to do is spoof your MAC with a connected clients MAC. Now I'll end it by saying that it's most definitely illegal to do that, but for your educational benefit I'll lead you this far. If anyone knows or thinks that this wouldn't work please feel free to correct me or add any additional comments. @ryno23 is that due to cybrary's rules or other reasons? I don't see why it wouldn't be allowed for educational purposes. And Thanks a lot!!!!!! Everywhere I go these days I'm trying to figure out if/how someone could/would hack a network and how to stop it. Even though I'm still only learning A+ I figure it doesn't hurt to try to immerse myself in the field. you can use MacChanger to spoof it easily..this one has the abiblity to make it randomly Yeah, well you ought to be more concerned about getting the hell off this planet before the black hole in Sweden swallows us Lord Zenski. I think it's more an ethical question wether you give details or not... As far as Im concerned, I wouldn't want anyone to use my information to do something illegally.
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