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January 1, 2016

I came to know that many pen-testers are earning money by finding exploits in any organizations, web services, websites etc., Can any one tell me how they find the bugs or exploits and get rewarded! Please can you give me an example Thank You. Recon is the most essential part of it. In other words you scan the target for weeks if need be to find their vulnerability and exploit it using your own exploit ( by creating them ). To create your own exploit I suggest you learn Python , Perl and Ruby. -- xMidnightSnowx Thanks for the suggestion. Are there any sites regarding the exploits? Always keep your eye on Microsoft Tech Bulletin Board as MS will release all information's of newly found exploit and that can help you find the best to hack using Kali. I'll post a new series once I'm done with some real life problems and have updated old open cases. -- xMidnightSnowx Ok then i will be awaiting for ur post [Web Hacking 101]( This book will be helpful for learning web application pentesting and bug bounty hunting Hello Team, I am new in bug bounty and I want to start my career in this. Kindly guide, suggests and help me.
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