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BruteForce Script For POP3 Server In Python

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January 1, 2016

Hi! I´d like to share my blog with you: Here, you will find a little script to try users and passwords against a POP3 server. Enjoy! Hey, don't you think it would be more useful for everyone when your blog is in english? @cz3kit : it probably would be more useful if it were in english, but it not being in english doesn't make it useless. It's in a language spoken by alot of people. And obviously the code is written in python. You don't need to understand the blog, you can just look at the code. @Koert You are right. It doesn't matter if it written in Python or in a differetn language. I don't mind. But I think that this is a community where everyone wants to learn something. So why shouldn't it be for everyone? Why not sharing the idea of the code? It is just a suggestion.
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