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BlackArch Linux (v. Kali)

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January 1, 2016

Greetings, all. I've seen **Kali Linux** mentioned often here (not a surprise). I'm using **BlackArch**, a version of Arch with a full suite of pentesting tools. Will this be adequate for taking this course or should I install Kali in a VM? Is anyone else using (or had experience with) BlackArch? TIA. Which ever you feel comfortable with linux commands are generally uniform although may take a tweak here or there between distro to distro. I've personally used Kali cyborg parrot I found that Kali was comfortable for me as I had used from whax and auditor days. I also like cyborg linux although I went back to kali after testing it just because I felt more at home. It's 100% personal preference you can always install what ever tool you need that isn't a big deal. knowing the tools and understanding the underlying mechanics is the momst important thing. There are several pentesting distros out there you will always have favorite tools and you can install those from distro to distro. I for example have created my own lab here using VMs that way I can always revert to a stock state, that helps a lot when practicing specifically for the "server" not so much for the attack machine.
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