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Best Path To Certified Ethical Hackers CEH?

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January 1, 2016

Just got a BS in Computer Science, I'm under 25. I have A+, Sec+, and a few years of part time help desk experience. A month ago I some how managed to land a full time Information Assurance/ Cyber Security gig. For this job (or rather the positions a level up on the totem pole), CISSP is Gold Star and they would like for us to get it. (not a rush because there are some in my position and one step up that are just now about to test for Security+) My ultimate goal is to get into ethical hacking. What certification path/order do you suggest?? To get a CEH certfication the only thing you have to door is Follow the training course and pass the exam. The ons from eccouncil is wellicht known,and canon ben done by selfstudy. Just check the eccouncil site. Ik you want morele hands on, i woud prefer elearnsecurity the have a selfstudy course with a realistic test instead of a multiple Choise exam. Have done my CEH/LPT master i now switchen to elearnsecurity because of there exam. Hope this helps a bit. Good luck Too be honest I'm fairly sure that if you've already got your Sec+ then moving on up to your CEH isn't going to be much of a leap. You'll need to get a bit more hands on time with Pentesting tools (NMAP, everything in KALI etc). Be familiar with the terminology that EC-Council uses (it's their own flavour) and hit the books for self study (that's what I did), the Matt Walker ones being the best! You want any more info just ask! Hope that's a help. Thanks hansm and cuttlefishjones. Are the videos here enough to follow along with to get hands on? What kinds of resources are necessary?(setting up VMs, cost of tools/applications to practice with..)
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