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BeEF With Meterpreter

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January 1, 2016

Hi, I want to know if i can get a meterpreter session with BeEF yeppers! "Finally, to expand our exploitation, the Metasploit integration makes perfect sense. BeEF allows almost full Metasploit integration where you can see Metasploit modules inside BeEF’s module branches under “metasploit/\*”. Now we can run a multi-handler and execute any of the the juicy metasploit modules suitable to the hooked system. This is fun beyond imagination! And beyond the scope of this text." Thank you very much :) Does this exploit actually work? like with windows 8/7 ? please help! Has anyone actually done this? I tried BeEF against win 7 and win 8. None of the network enumeration stuff worked at all. I couldn't even get the IP address of the system without click-to-play. I think modern browsers and changes in Java/Flash have reduced this tools capabilities. It does look like the developers are working on it again so I am hopeful.
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