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Average Salary For Certification: Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSC

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January 1, 2016\_Security\_Certified\_Professional\_%28OSCP%29/Salary Difficult exam with great rewards! Thanks for sharing. YW! Interesting. Thank You With prep time and cost, hopefully it's a good return on investment for those who pursue it! Good information to know! Something to keep in mind when you read these average salary reports is that they only account for the people who have the cert and a job. It doesn't take into consideration those that have the certification and either can't obtain a job or are working in a completely unrelated field. You still need experience, so if you're still young and looking to break into the CS field you're not going to see these kinds of numbers right after passing the test. I've been noticing people posting salary and wage amounts of security related fields. Don't get me wrong, money is good. But just after one year in college I've already started to notice I'm not doing it for the money. If you have a true passion for it, you do it because your helping others and you love it. That may be true for you but others need to improve their financial situation and to obtain that a change in career is necessary...and no one said experience wouldn't be necessary, you have to start somewhere, so I'm not discouraging anyone for wanting to improve their financial situation. Some jobs are just dead-end with no change of advancement. This is not implemented in all companies.. @821teck Thanks for this info! yw
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