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Any One Used Fork Bomb On A Network?

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January 1, 2016

how to attack on a network with forkbombs? You could go to jail ;) Nope,Mr.KappaG, as I'm doing master's in CyberSecurity Systems and Networks -- I hav to understand abt this fork bomb and I tried on my pc(using VM wares)--I got hw it works practicully than I tried to stop attacking these fork bombs on my PC anyway(bcoz we use to play security games like CTF(capture the flag)).But some how we can get through the network also.Then entire network will be jammed by new process replicating it self.Thats why I did not try.But it can be possible.So What if an intruder wanted to drop his fork bomb inside a network(may be one of fellow),How could I block it -- is my question at network level? Assume its internal either LAN/WAN...I have to protect these things......practically..... I'm not doing the work for you, but you need to check out bash scripting. you have to limit the number of process on a giving machine. This way it does not crash the system. Then you will have to freeze the process before killing it. Are you talking about bring down the network, or letting the code run loose on the network? Are you using windows or linux? haha. Reminds me of when I used to type this in a computer a long time ago: 10 PRINT "rinse repeat" 20 GOTO 10 RUN i just fork bombed myself in my own curiosity lol Thanx guys---Learned lot of things...I am using dual boot(linux 15.10 and kali )and windows in virtural.Still doing some other things before applying these forkbomb,I'm doing theoritical calculation till to router,.. etc. Once again thanx for help
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