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Anonymous Noob Guide

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January 1, 2016

Anyone have a copy of the noob guide and the other guides that were posted today by Anonymous. I'm not planning on using it, I just heard about it in the news and am curious as to what it says and how the mind of a hacker works. Unfortunately I believe you need to use IRC and possibly TOR to get it from them, but It would essentially be impossible to get with a Chromebook. Thanks in advance :D Anyone have a copy of the noob guide and the other guides that were posted today by Anonymous. I'm not planning on using it, I just heard about it in the news and am curious as to what it says and how the mind of a hacker works. Unfortunately I believe you need to use IRC and possibly TOR to get it from them, but It would essentially be impossible to get with a Chromebook. Thanks in advance :D Hi, Interesting stuff you want to know... It seems that they use human computing to get sites or social media profiles taken down, btw a really nice idea to make people identify with such a group maybe you already know this, but I couldn't find more at that time :) Cheers, Nils Thanks @nilmonsta those articles are where I actually heard about it. I figure what better way to learn about hackers than to read their documents :D Any chance these made it to TPB or another source to use? Remember Rule No. 3 of Knight's code: If you're going to do something stupid, don't get caught. Haha @imbatman I love that rule. Their guide is essentially just a list of tools but it doesn't really teach you anything like what most the tools are and why to use them (and how to use them half the time). Not that that's really that bad of a thing. I do feel like I could learn better hacking from Youtube though :p My one question is what is the argument for/against Kali linux? I know they briefly mention it but I'd like a little more in depth answer. @tal32123 Kali is a brilliant OS for pen testing, you can't fault it for that. But for inexperienced users, setting it up to use anonymously can be a pain. It doesn't come with settings in place like Tails, which is why Tails is suggested for "noobs". You can download all the same tools for Tails as what comes with Kali, Kali is just more convenient. So in short, Kali isn't as private as Tails until you set it up. @imbatman thank you for sharing :) "Needless to say, your safety is not of any concern to me so take care of yourself first." This noob guide that is posted under the name Anonymous isn't all that good. The person that wrote it says things like use Mint and Ubuntu then says don't use Kali its "broken and insecure" they are Debian based OS's so they're pretty much the same with different stuff loaded in them. Then he mentions using "root (Administrator) privileges in order to get the most out of the tools you use" telling a noob to do that before they know the system is just really stupid \[Ironically its very insecure and can lead to breaking your system\]. Most of the tools he lists are already in Kali and its not just a pen testers tool. The guide is garbage. I downloaded them Havent read through them yet I glanced at the locating Isis sights Ill try it later. Anybody else going to ? @Shadow, I am going to. Thank you so much. BG Thanks for the share. Even though I didn't look up these tools just yet I do feel like the guide could be made better like saying how to use the tools and what they do. At the level of the guide currently I might as well check youtube/cybrary/figure it out on my own. There were a few good nuggets of info though. @Daleksek The guide isn't really a guide but more a recommended set of tools. Though, the OS options that are listed aren't garbage. The reason they're suggested is because they're already setup to be more anonymous, Kali is not by default and requires setup. I do agree with you that telling people to use the tools with root is the wrong advice. It would be better to use the 'sudo' command with an unprivileged account and not log directly into root admin. @tal32123 Most of the tools listed wouldn't be used by the general civilian. Guides can be found all over the internet, but I'd suggest a good book. There are plenty of books covering the basics of hacking and pen testing that use the tools in the guide and promote that you use them in a safe environment. Even the CEH course here can help with some of the tools as they're widely available. @imbatman it might have a few things that could be useful info. but I still think its garbage. Besides Tails how are the OS's setup to be more anonymous than Kali especially when the "not guide for noobs" says use root? I've never used Ubuntu or Mint as far as I know they are recommended to first time Linux users. Would you recommend that "not guide" to a noob or anyone that wants to learn? \[Anyone can write under the "Anonymous" name, even people with inadequate information.\] Got anything good @daleksek , I would appreciate it. My background is in low voltage cabling, I am in Vegas & I want to get into programming/networking using my experience as a foot in the door, like video surveillance. Thanks in advance. I refreshing first with N+. Peace BG @daleksek I didn't say the rest of it was good. Tails (as we know) is setup by default to route traffic through TOR. Linux Mint and Ubuntu are easier to setup and have a more familiar feel to those who have used Windows all their lives. Kali Linux isn't setup by default at all, you have to enable the firewall (as you do with some other Linux OS's), you have to setup the TOR connection, you have to setup and enable the VPN. If you're a first time user setting up Kali wouldn't it be daunting to you? Of course it would. I remember the first time I fired it up and wondered where the hell I should start. I actually agreed with you about the root user, instead I suggested the sudo command with a different user. Would I recommend this as a guide for people looking to learn? No. Would I recommend the tools inside and tell them to do their own research? Yes. It's not a straight road to cyber security and penetration testing, it's a steep learning curve that deserves a respect while studying it. I saw something on Udemy a while back that promised to be able to make you into a hacker in 24 hours or so. Not sure of its quality, they had a 4 hour chunk of it on youtube as a promo. Seemed good from the hour I watched but I figured I should probably start with the basics here on cybrary and then work my way to hacking. @imbatman I was just giving reasons why whoever wrote that has some things in it that are contradictory like Ubuntu's firewall default is set to allow all and Mint has the firewall turned off so saying Kali is less secure is not true especially if he is instructing people to use the systems as root. If he left that part out it could be true, until you create a standard user account on Kali. He writes that Kali is just a Pen-testers tool. I disagree with that. Kali is awesome his paper is not. LoL. :) @brandyn The links that Dallas @dallashannah3 posted has a lot of good content to choose from and is a good place to start. Cybrary is an awesome place to learn. \[But you already know that because you're here\] :) If you're past beginner stuff here is some other links that might be more useful: @tal32123 hahahaha! Learning anything that takes years can't be done in 24 hours you should stay far away from things that offer magical quick fixes except the things that are possible to learn in 24 hours like brain surgery and getting a black belt in Kung-Fu. LoL. :) SWEET! THANK YOU DOKTOR!!!! I really appreciate this. BG @daleksek I wouldn't say it would make you exactly an expert like the thing says, however 24 hours is about the content you'd learn in a semester in a school like University of Illinois. What do you think of the content though? ^^ That is the trailer for the course. I was thinking about taking it but not sure the quality and all compared to elsewhere and what I'd be learning but it looks like it is rated pretty well. Also I prefer free obviously :D @daleksek Kali is awesome. Never disagreeing with you there. And yes, the "guide" is written for "noobs" but obviously by a "noob". Any half-wit can go out and get a list of programs and say "yeah, use these ones. I can't tell you how, though. Dunno myself!" :D @tal32123 Don't do it! You want a decent course that will take you from A-Z and expect you to actually learn some stuff on your own then you want Penetrating With Kali by Offensive Security. Also, Metasploit Unleashed by Offensive Security is a good lead in and it's free. @daleksek (Doktor)I will use some of those links on my next list! @tal32123 I agree with @imbatman KnightOfRen don't waste your money its not worth it. The course outline looks good and its teaching the right things but you don't need to pay money to learn all that stuff unless you think that paying that out will keep you motivated out of fear of wasting $199. There isn't anything in the course outline you can't learn for free. :) Linux Terminal including basic functionalities and CLI Learning Tor, ProxyChains, VPN, macchanger Footprinting with Nmap and external resources public listings of known vulnerabilities Breaking WPA/WPA2 encryption. Wifi hacking and wifi hacker training Attacking wireless networks cracking WPA⁄WPA2 Learning Aircrack and reaver Learning crunch Signal jamming and denial of service Evil twin method! Clone wireless access points to steal data Attacking routers Using known vulnerabilities DNS setting hacking Website attacks with SQL injections Brute-forcing methods for cracking passwords Reverse shells. Gain remote control of any device Metasploit and reverse shells. What are reverse shells and why use them Making reverse shells persistent - Creating a persistent reverse shell with Metasploit How to upload a reverse shell onto a web server Learning NetCat Makeing your own Keylogger Programming basics Its all good stuff for sure. There's still a lot to learn after knowing this and just because you see on average 20 minutes of content it doesn't mean you're going to master whatever you're learning. If you have money to burn I'd say go for it even though I think its not really necessary and it doesn't mean you're going to be a hacker after. LoL There is no fast track or quick fix to Tech, Infosec, etc... :) @dallashannah3 Here a link there a link, Links for everyone! :) Cool I'm glad you're going to use some of them on your list. I just noticed they dropped the price to $29. LoL :) Interesting info. yeah thx for sharing boys this is good stuff > **KnightsCode wrote:** Kali is awesome Kali is a bloatware. Over 3GB of tools you'll most likely never use yourself. Toolkit should consist of what you use every day, without random "let it be there just in case" garbage and lacking standard packages. It may be good as a starting point to learn, but not for every day usage. IMO
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