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Advance Pentesting Course---SUCKS

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January 1, 2016

Has anyone taken the \[Advanced Penetration Testing\]----with Georgia Weidman ..... OMG.. her voice sucks the life out of me , after a few sessions i try so hard not to fall asleep... what is wrong with her ???? why does she slur her words ? is she drunk ?? stay of the alcohol girl least when making these videos..... t203 How not to suck at pen testing John Strand t102 How to Give the Best Pen Test of Your Life Ed Skoudis\_5Sj5iahSU Lol! How many video's did you watch? I got used to her voice after a few and than it is a great course. she gave me a headache after the 2nd video come on guys leave the girl alove, she is really a good teacher.. and yes she has a problem the way she speaks.. if you can somehow resist the first 3-4 videos then you get used and becomes acceptable.. Thumbs up for the course though ! The main problem with her teaching method is it appears to be highly un-orgainized , the modules are not structured correctly and she does not explain important things clearly. Most of her videos she leave long silent pauses giving the impression she does not now what she is doing. Lol... Get use to it cos that's what am doing what ???? I would recommend her book on pentesting, as it follows parallel to the Offensive Security Pentesting with Kali Linux course, which is the course that one requires before getting their OSCP. The OSCP is really the gold standard for pentesters and sets apart those with skills and those without. Maybe reading won't put you to sleep quite as quickly ;) how much is it ? and what about people who cant afford it.... So do you not recommend me taking this course? That depends on you ....... how tolerant is your will power ???? lol Lol if you don't like it , go buy courses... yes true a paid course will get you further and will get you that job ...FREE is FREE "You Pay PEANUTS you get ######## " lol thanks for the info your welcome ! Hey, I am very sad for you ;-( If you are really interested to do Advanced Penetration Testing course, koenig solutions is one of the place for you and providing best training and world class environment (online training also) ok thank you But these are not FREE and they charge very high prices .... plus the information is not good quality...broken English.. yes correct :) OSCP is the way to go! It's worth every penny. Though a lot of it is up to you to try harder and do your own learning throughout the course. but its too expensive plus lots of free YouTube videos to learn from ! I start this course today, ok for me it's very difficult understand she but my english is not very good. I was see first videos in "fast mode" all information about basic Linux concept and programming it's not new for me, but i think that she is very good teacher. i hope my opinion w'll be invariated for all course. I learnt MetaSploit from a guy named Hitesh Choudhary at Udemy. Throughout his 55 videos course on MetaSploit I had to keep telling myself that it's for a greater good. I ignored his disgusting pronunciations(The guy pronounces "vulnerability" as "wonder-a-bility"!!!), his bad and broken English(Thanks for teaching me MetaSploit, now I can give you a lesson or two on English grammar), his weird silences in the middle of the course and above all his creepy smile. Believe me when I say this, had you gone through what I have been, you would have fallen in love with Georgia's voice. I have taken the course you mentioned, gone through all the videos and guess what?? I still watch them over again because I didn't get some of the concepts in the first swing. She's an awesome teacher. Respect her! course is great so far...i also have the book ...goes well together Try the free YouTube vids since her method doesn't work for you. Just remember that she's took the time to create those vids and provided them to all of us for free. Her voice is different, as are others. I came to learn a new skill with no complaints regardless as to how it's taught. I’m appreciate the fact that we have access to such high quality training that's free! It's a good course and Cybrary rocks!
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