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28 Sites To Legally Test Your Hacking Skills

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January 1, 2016

Practise your Infosec skill on these (legal) 28 Hacking Sites People dealing with cyber security can't learn essential things on infosec if they do not practise the core activity they're defending against: hacking. Since this is illegal to perform, sites have been set up to train people in hacking without putting them in legal danger. Here are two links that give an overview of sites that allow you to practise certain things without breaking any laws. The first 15 sites can be found here: Here you can find a followup post with 13 more sites : #1 Selling single of all time: 50M #1 Spanish Christmas song in US:\_E And both of them together on a JJ Cale song in 1968:(Little LOUD!) thx for sharing interesting. thanks thanks Much appreciated! Probably all know [HTS](, but there's another one interesting: Thanks for sharing Awesome. Lots of fun to be had. Thanks for posting the links. :) thanks bro
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