SQL Server is the best database used by organizations. Large applications run of SQL database and use to store their data. However, human errors or system failure may cause corruption in database. So, it is better to adopt methods to prevent SQL database corruption. Database corruption could lead to huge data loss and thus proper maintenance of database should be done.

The SQL server has inbuilt tools by which you can remove minor errors and prevent database from corruption. However, these tools should be used properly. Here we will know top 5 best methods to avoid SQL database corruption and check tools to be used in case of corrupt SQL database.

Top Ways to Prevent SQL Database Corruption

It is very difficult to identify the cause of error if the database got corrupt. A small mistake could affect the entire database and may stop the workflow. Thus it is a wise decision to prevent errors from occurring in SQL Database. Here are some methods a user can implement to prevent SQL Server database corruption

Customized Cron Jobs

Cron to create jobs is a utility that can be used for time-based scheduler utility. The Cron to create utility scans the database for any errors and collect them. The Database Administrator can later look at these errors and fix them. Users should use Create to Cron jobs at regular intervals.

  • Start the SQL Server Management Studio and SQL Server Agent
  • Right click on Jobs and select New Job option
  • Now In General tab, give the job name and then write the command to schedule task
  • Enter the schedule for job and set up alert notification
  • Now select the target server for job

Backup Database

This is the most important step if you are a Database Administrator (DBA). Backup can be of two types i.e. Incremental backup and full backup. Incremental backup means to save the data remaining after the previous full backup and the full backup is storing whole database again. DBA should regularly backup SQL database if any changes are made.

Regular Updates and Optimizing Queries

Some queries run very slow and take many resources of SQL server databases. These scripts result in database corruption. Slow and nested queries often lag the database. Creating a script that identifies such queries will optimize them.

Keep the SQL server database update to its latest version. But always, create a backup before going for SQL Server Database update. Always monitor the performance of SQL database and check that SQL server has limited optimized connections.

Prevent Dirty Shutdown

Dirty Shutdown is the main cause of database corruption. So, it is always advisable to properly shut down the SQL server. DBA should check how many users are connected to server and monitor it according to conditions. System Maintenance can detect problems in database and help in improving the performance of SQL Server.

Monitor Database Space

Increase in database file size always lags the application, whether it is Outlook PST file, windows system memory of SQL server database. Managing a single large database file is very difficult and it also a cause of database corruption. Thus split the large files in smaller multiple files. This deletes the temporary files and creates space in database ensuring smooth services.

By following these top 5 methods you can simply prevent the database from getting corrupt and maintain the SQL Server Database in a healthy state.

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