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Top 4 Business Process Management Software

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By: Nihad Hassan

March 29, 2021

Business Process Management Software: What are they? And Which BPM are the leaders in the industry?

Digital transformation has accelerated significantly during the ongoing COVID19 pandemic; this forces many companies to change their business operations processes to remain operational. Business process management (BPM) has become a key enabler of digital transformation.

Gartner defines it as follows “as the coordination of the behavior of people, systems and things to produce specific business outcomes.” It is a type of software solution that enables an organization to model, design, execute, and maintain business activities and the associated employees work on them across all departments. The BMP solution is not used only to create new work processes, as it is used to automate traditional business processes and transform them to become fully automated. It allows an organization to optimize its daily operations to achieve the highest efficiency and productivity.

This article will introduce the preferred features to have in any BPM solution, the types of processes that can be modeled with it, and the leaders in this segment.

What features you should look for when selecting a BPM software

The features that you should consider to choose a BPM for your company are:

  1. Support visual diagramming when implementing the process.
  2. Support drag and drop form designer.
  3. Support access controls. For example, we might want to protect the sensitive data inside the business process forms from unauthorized or unauthenticated users.
  4. Support mobile devices (e.g., Android and iOS); in the coming years, most people will utilize mobile technology to work and not restrict themselves from behind a desk.
  5. Support a single sign-on feature to log in one time and access various programs using the same credentials. This is an important feature in a large company, for example.
  6. Support integration with other software programs so data transfer can happen automatically without manual transfer between various applications.
  7. Support different types of reports, including statistical ones.

Finally, but no less important, you should search about the different alternatives and check customer reviews on social media to ensure they are honest and efficient.

BPM Software Uses

BPM programs allow users to model, design, and execute business process workflow. A business process is defined as several tasks linked together based on some conditions. Numerous business processes can be improved using BPM, such as:

BPM solutions

Monday Monday is a powerful BPR that helps you plan, create workflows, execute and optimize your business processes in a visual environment. Monday streamline communications between team members through sharing files, comments, and feedback. You can run on major mobile OS’s.

Comindware Tracker Comindware Tracker is a web-based workflow management program for project tracking and task automation. It does not require advanced technical skills to use. The drag and drop interface makes it easy to use, even for invoice users. You can use it anywhere, even if you are outside the office or on travel.

ProcessMaker ProcessMaker is a digital process automation platform. It allows businesses to design and deploy processes with low-code design. The tool has various features that differentiate it from other tools, such as low deployment costs and its ability to integrate processes with legacy software, allowing organizations to speed their digital transformation efforts by connecting new and old processes with people on one platform.


In today’s information age, organizations of all types and sizes are faced with massive competition on a global level. To remain competitive, organizations should move steadily towards digital transformation to increase their work efficiencies and revenues. Using a BPM to improve current business processes and create new ones becomes a must-have solution for any organization that wants to survive.

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