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Thycotic Extends PAM Cloud Leadership with Acquisition of Onion ID

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By: Kali Linette

June 24, 2020

In June, we announced our Onion ID acquisition and added three new Access Controller solutions to our Privileged Access Management portfolio: Cloud Access Controller, Database Access Controller, and Remote Access Controller. These Access Controllers allow you to embed security controls within the four highest-risk layers of any modern organization’s infrastructure: Clouds, Data, and Devices.

Clouds: We now empower CISOs to onboard more SaaS apps without sacrificing the granular authorization and audit controls they need with Cloud Access Controller. Our new solutions are also container-based and IaaS-agnostic, so you can deploy them anywhere.

Data: Database Access Controller extends multi-factor authentication (MFA) options against any cloud or on-premises database (e.g., Redis), while layering IGA controls for enhanced governance. Users can restrict exposure of sensitive content—i.e., PII—across any web application or database as well.

Devices: Remote Access Controller provides a super easy way for remote workers and third-party contractors to access corporate resources from any device, like a Chromebook, without having to sacrifice end user experience. This is an attractive option for organizations who want to reduce their hardware investments without having to worry about complex agent-based deployments or VPNs.

It is no longer enough to control only privileged access, all access must be controlled and managed in a zero-trust world. Cloud Access Controller, Remote Access Controller, and Database Access Controller allow organizations to expand their control to a more granular level. These solutions extend IT teams’ ability to address emerging PAM challenges by protecting access to SaaS applications, cloud infrastructure, and ensuring remote workers stay productive and secure.

Want to see our Access Controllers in action? Join our upcoming webinar on July 16th where you’ll see live demos and be able to ask questions.

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