Hello, Cybrarians! What's going on?Sometimes you find that the ping command is not working. You get a message "Request timed out" or "Packet lost 100%". There could be many reasons why these messages show up.Ping uses ICMP packets to check whether the site is up or down. Ping is used for network analysis, firewall analysis specifically. Some websites block ICMP packet or drop these packets for reducing network traffic or DoS attack, but you can still access them. Web sites facing DoS problems can configure their firewalls to drop ICMP packets.But you still want to ping those websites. In this case, use hping3.It is already installed in Kali Linux, but it also supports Windows.Hping3 is a command line network tool designed for sending custom TCP/IP packets. It supports TCP, UDP, ICMP and Raw-IP protocols. With hping3 you can do Firewall testing, Remote OS fingerprinting, advanced port scanning, TCP/UDP packet crafting, security penetration testing, spoofing your address and signatures, and much more.You can search for a manual page in Kali Linux by just typing the command::man hping3And, all the commands used would be in front of you. Using hping3 you can launch untraceable DoS attacks.If you enjoyed this, here is another one of my posts: Stay tuned! Most interesting technologies are on the way. All the best.

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