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The Path to Cyber Security

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By: Tahir Ibrahim

July 1, 2020

Do you want to get into Cyber Security, but not quite sure where to start?

What routes to take?

What help is out there to venture on to this path?

Well, read on as this blog will outline just that. It can be a confusing time to choose the right training providers, which courses to start from, and who to use, as there are so many vendors promising all types of certificates and training; some charging extreme prices for certificates that no one has heard of. We will discuss what to look out for, what to avoid, and, most importantly, where to start.

What to look for

When choosing a suitable course, you want to look at what the training provider can provide to you; there are some providers out there that have backdated videos and charge you a fortune to watch them. You want a provider who is always releasing and updating new content and courses. You want to choose a provider who has a hands-on learning experience since it has been proven that students who learn theory accompanied by hands-on experience excel more than students who only study theories. Look for live labs that go hand-in-hand with the course, so you can practice what you learn.


Mentorship is one of the keys to successful learning. It is important to have a mentor that can guide you in the right direction, someone who you can ask questions and look up to in times of need. A mentor who can steer you in the right direction of your goals and ambitions. Since there are so many paths to take in Cybersecurity, it can become overwhelming in where to start and which direction you want to take.

A mentor should be positive, enthusiastic, and encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone. They should push you beyond your boundaries, provide feedback where needed, and help you gain the confidence you need to step forth in the industry you wish to pursue.

Where to Learn

Anyone, from beginners to an advanced level, can get a taste of Cybersecurity. Cybrary offers access to an unlimited amount of content and is a great place to start.


  • Offers over 1000+ live labs to get that hands-on experience.
  • Provides mentorship and a guided career path that can help you achieve where you want to go in Cybersecurity.
  • Furnishes a totally online and on-demand environment so that you can learn from the comfort of your own home.
  • Offers certification courses that also prepare you to take an official exam and purchase exam vouchers.
  • Has a contributing online community and a podcast, to listen on the go, with the latest and greatest information from the industry.

All career paths from Cybrary gear you up to become job-ready and build up your confidence in Cybersecurity, with skill development and assessments to make sure you’re up to par with the skills you need.

Sign up online to take advantage of their high content. There is always new content being uploaded. Also, if you are aiming to take a particular certification, like CompTIA Security+, you can purchase the exam vouchers from Cybrary at a discounted price, and have access to the mock exams to get you ready.

I hope that this information has helped and guided you to a place where you can learn all about Cybersecurity, and feel confident in doing so.

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