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The Crucial Utterance On Top Of Darkweb’s Anonymization, Privacy, and Security Using Tor

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By: Revanth S

May 29, 2020

The Internet is the world's most vigorous and broadest strength; it has become a way of life that people rely on. The Internet has become a sophisticated part of the day-to-day life of many people. It promotes interactive communication between two individuals over a transcending space. The Internet assists the function of the World's leading establishments like research centers, hospitals, corporate industries, educational institutions, etc. Certain people might think the Internet is merely for communication and not for anything else. This colossal amount of people are having problems with the understanding of internet categorization. The web is broken down into three parts: Surface web, Deep web, and Dark web. Here we will be exploring some Dark web activities which are implemented by governmental and non-governmental organizations.

The prominence of privacy needs to be of concern while using the Internet. The surface web never gives privacy to the individuals; it tries to improve the users' surfing experience. This creates an unsafe place for the users' sensitive information. Most of the World's businesses are trying to be a part of the Deep web. The Deep web is comprised of websites that are not indexed by search engines. Only an authorized individual has permission to access the websites mentioned above. Deep web helps to store personal pieces of information like cloud data, any sensitive enterprise data, and military information.

If the Surface web and Deep web do not startle you, prepare to be amazed by the Dark web; it is the most secluded part of the Internet. The Dark web allows the user to remain anonymous by masking the individual's identity; it ensures privacy to the customers. The Dark web cannot be accessed by standard browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox. Edge, etc. The Dark web is accessed with the help of the Tor Browser. Tor delegates your work efficiently on the Dark web. Several computer servers designed to improve anonymity and privacy, and the particular networks of computers/servers can enable the user to view hidden/onion services. Unlike regular browsers, it holds supremacy in terms of security that allows you to work in a no-JavaScript environment and also helps to prevent unnecessary adware attacks. Tor never filters web pages according to the user's perspective; it will show the same results for every end-user. Connecting to Google/Facebook using Tor will prompt a bounce to three different nodes/servers before it attempts to connect to the required website. Only Google or Facebook can see the last node, and they cannot see the genuine user if they try to profile you. It is tough to profile a user because the individual is not the only individual visiting a website when a user request redirects different nodes. Millions can redirect requests with the same nodes. Also, when data is sent within the Tor network, it is always encrypted. When data leaves from Tor, it will be unencrypted.

On your Tor network, VPN provides an additional layer of protection. This is because it will send all the encrypted/unencrypted traffic in a tunnel whenever you send traffic. This means that the VPN switches to a different tunnel if someone tries to infiltrate the current tunnel, ensuring the privacy of the request.

Now, someone may ask the question, "If Tor is secure by itself, why do we need VPN?" Using Tor is not sufficient security, because the request which we are sending to the Tor network can be tampered with (possibility of someone eavesdropping) before entering into the network itself. So, configuring a VPN between the client and the tor network is an excellent option to make the user's network a more secure environment. This provides an added layer of security to the user.

Many countries have censored the Tor network, due to some of their cyber advisory policies. In this case, we can use an option called bypassing Tor censorship. While setting up the Tor browser, one must configure bridges.

Specific methodologies used to access the Dark web are:

  • Use the Tor browser in a dedicated OS (simplest solution, but not the best).
  • Use Tails OS. This is a great way to use the Tor network effectively.
  • Qubes can be used if there is a working environment.

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