Update: This article was reviewed October 2021 for accuracy. As of August 31, 2021, the CISSP course is no longer free, but is still available through the Cybrary Insider Pro membership.

The Cost of CISSP Training

Certifications offer value for IT professionals. The industry is running short on highly-skilled technology staff, forcing companies to reconsider their priorities and ensure they’re hiring the best fit for long-term ROI. Certifications offer concrete proof that IT experts have the critical knowledge to underpin skills they’ve gained in the field. This is especially true in cybersecurity, where certifications such as ISC’s certified information systems security professional (CISSP) both demonstrate to organizations that IT pros have the hard skills to back up relevant work experience and benefit technology pros looking to jumpstart their cybersecurity career or find new opportunities.The caveat? Earning these certifications can be time-consuming and expensive. So let’s dig in: What’s the real cost of CISSP training, and what’s your best bet to get certified?

What is CISSP?

As noted by Tech Target, CISSP is “a globally recognized, vendor-neutral standard attesting to an IT security professional’s technical skills and hands-on experience implementing and managing a security program.” Completing CISSP certification requires that candidates have a minimum of five years hands-on experience in two or more cybersecurity “domains” identified by ISC, which include areas such as security and risk management, assessment and testing, security operations and software development security. In addition, candidates must successfully pass a six-hour, 250-question exam about these cybersecurity domains with a total score of at least 700/1000. Finally, IT professionals must earn at least 20 approved education credits and pay $35 each year to retain CISSP certification.

Why Certify?

Combining certification with on-site expertise offers multiple benefits for IT professionals. As noted by IT Business Edge, competition for technology jobs can be highly competitive; having a CISSP or similar certification can make your resume stand out for recruiters. Recognized certifications can also improve job security as employers look to cut costs. Especially in the realm of cybersecurity, organizations are reluctant to consider downsizing infosec personnel who possess multiple certifications along with years of industry experience. In addition, certifications improve overall career opportunities, making it easier for IT professionals to confidently apply for new jobs or consider switching career tracks.

Training Options

While it’s possible to challenge the CISSP exam if you meet the experience requirements alone, pre-test training is often the best way to boost your chances of successfully earning the certification on your first attempt. Considering the exam itself costs $600 per sitting, better to pay once and pass once than spend more for multiple retakes.

When it comes to CISSP training, you have options including:

  • Free Courses — Cybrary offers free CISSP training courses that let you tackle CISSP modules anytime, anywhere. Our nine-module course gives you the ability to complete training the way it works for you — want to work from home or get some training done at the coffee shop? No problem. Prefer to work outside the typical syllabus order? Go ahead. Cybrary’s free, flexible courses are designed to streamline the certification process.
  • Live Training — Prefer the hands-on benefit of instructor-led courses? Cybrary’s live training has you covered. Our live CISSP courses runs three times a week and include multiple Q&A sessions. Participants take part in lab work, complete assessments and work with a mentor to improve their learning experience.
  • CISSP Bootcamps — Certification boot camps are another option. Typically, these camps are short-term obligations that require significant time investment at off-site locations. If you have the time to spare from current job responsibilities or can arrange for time off, these boot camps offer CISSP knowledge at a rapid pace. If your team or employer is looking for options for group training, consider a Cybrary Business Team. Get the workforce development training your company needs all in a reliable online format.

Cost Considerations

So what does all this cost? As noted above, Cybrary’s free training courses are exactly that: Free. Learn when you want, how you want and do it all at no cost.Bootcamps, meanwhile, often cost thousands of dollars and require participants to work in unfamiliar locations. Given the intense nature of these boot camp courses, missing even one for family emergencies or illness can significantly impact your ability to pass the CISSP exam. This makes Cybrary’s business offering perfect for companies and persons who want to do team training for ⅓ of the cost, anywhere they want, anytime that’s convenient.Live courses require a monthly subscription to Cybrary. While modules occur at a set time, you can complete them from anywhere and they require only a few hours every other day. In addition, subscription to Cybrary lets you take multiple courses simultaneously, both increasing total value and reducing the time you spend training for new certifications. Also worth noting? These courses are often easier for C-suites to approve since they offer ongoing benefits and don’t require IT professionals to leave work for extended periods of time.

Have CISSP, Won’t Travel

Bottom line? CISSP is an in-demand certification for both organizations and cybersecurity professionals. Given the high expectations of CISSP exams and the wide-ranging knowledge required to successfully complete these exams, CISSP training is well worth the investment. Just getting started? Consider free courses from Cybrary to see if you’re ready for CISSP certification. Looking for steady value over time? Choose a Cybrary subscription for the benefit of flexible, instructor-led training that lets you tackle both CISSP training and other certifications of interest for a single monthly payment.

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