First of all...Hi everybody!!! ^^ I'm new on this site but I already love it ! About my question... I'd like become a pen tester, but I don't think my country is the best place for that... so, I would like know which are, in your opinion, the best places for work in this sector. ...Said just America is too easy :P Thanks all!

DrakOS, Yes, I am also new to this site and I also love it. I have been through 20 or so videos already on the Pen Testing and Ethical Hacker course. I think that probably the US is the best country to be a pen tester because where the IT Industry is in America at the moment. Right now, IT is in full swing in the US, and generally, the standards are set here. Don't get me wrong, there are several countries out there that are definitely giving the USA a run for its money, as far as technology is concerned. However, if you want to move up fast, and learn the best practices, the USA is the place to be. Russia, China, South Korea, Australia and the UK are all at the top of the food chain when it comes to IT, however. I believe that all of them are probably great places to be for IT security. I think as long as you don't have restricted internet, you should be OK ;)

Hey DrakOS, There is need for pentesters in Canada also....check job openings in the Toronto area.

Thank guys, there are very useful information ! A friend of mine told me good thinks about living in Canada and IT in general. I'll look also the situation in UK and China. I still have some month for pick the right one ^^ ...and what do you think about India ? I know they are good for hw and driver in general, but if they continue to grow up so fast they will need also protection ;) Thanks again for reply

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