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This is a very quick guide for installing the Social Engineering Toolkit (or SET) onto an OS X machine. This is also going to be the first in a series of hacking related articles.

What is SET? The Social Engineering Toolkit is a software tool that is offered by TrustedSec for free. This program is also bundled in Kali Linux. SET, as the name implies is a suite of tools for social engineering. It is a Python-driven tool that is aimed at testing Social engineering and a very well regarded toolkit (One example: )

Setting up SET:

Step 1:


The first thing you will want to do is open a console window on your Mac and type the following command: sudo git clone

Once you hit the 'Enter' key you will be prompted to enter your password (since you are running the command as an admin)

Step 2:


Next you will need to navigate to the 'social-engineer-toolkit' folder by entering the following command: cd social-engineer-toolkit

Step 3:


Once we are in the proper folder we will need to run the install by typing the following:

sudo python install

Step 4:


Then to launch our newly installed SET type: sudo ./setoolkit


All in all pretty simple install. Remember, to always use responsibly.

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