Nowadays, Facebook "hacking" is not easy. But, I am here to help you by teaching some methods of Facebook hacking. Today, I'm going to teach you how to hack a Facebook account using Kali Linux. I will teach you some more easy methods of "hacking" Facebook accounts later.Steps To "Hacking" a Facebook Account

#1. Install Kali Linux From Official Site After Installation, Open your Kali Linux terminal and type : cd /pentest/exploits/set #2. Now Type On Opened Terminal And type: ./set to open "Social Engineering Tool kit".

#3. After SET Opening Select 1st Option

  • "1) Social Engineering Attacks"
    Type "1" and Hit Enter.

#4. Now Select Option 2

  • "2) Website Attack Vectors"

#5. Now just Select 4th Option

  • "4 Tabnabbing Attack Method"

#6. Now Select Option 2

  • "2) Site Cloner"

#7. Now Here you Need to Add your IP,

#8. Now Here you need to add the URL of  FB

Note: if you want to hack Facebook then put here Facebook URL.


#9. Just Hit Enter


#10. Paste Your IP in Address bar and Page  should be look like this..


When Victim Log in to your Page Details will come here..


**If you want to Know your IP Open new Terminal and type: ifconfig


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