what is this language ruby on rails and what is it used for..?

hi santu143! In short Ruby on rails is a web application framework which helps web application developers jump start getting their applications up and running quickly and managing them much easier than coding every thing from scratch. As the name implies, Ruby on Rails is based on the Ruby programming language. Ruby is very friendly to new programmers (as opposed to some stricter languages such as C++). Some examples of web applications built using Rails include Kickstarter, Airbnb, github, and many many more (see more here https://vertalab.com/blog/ruby-on-rails-application-examples). Unfortunately we do not have a ruby or ruby on rails course here at cybrary; however, I can personally recommend Codecademy for these. I would strongly suggest starting with their Ruby Course and then after completing progress on to their recently released Ruby on Rails Course. As a side note, I am very fond of the Ruby programming language as well as the Ruby on Rails web application framework. I am certainly still learning, but I hope you will dive into learning these and find them as enjoyable to learn as I did. :)

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