Q&A: How Do I Fix MS Access Error 3045 File Already Use? Resolved

Fix MS Access Error 3045 File Already in Use

In this article, we have come up with the solution to fix Microsoft Access Error 3045 without hampering the original Database file of MS Access 2016/2013/2010/2007/2003/2000 /97.

The MS Access database Error 3045 is one of the most occurring error in Access application. Several times the user has to face this runtime error while accessing MDB/ACCDB files. The Error Message database throw is ‘Couldn't use <database filename>; file already in use ’ In most of the cases you may find that this error 3045 came because the file you were trying to open was already in use by different users or was previously opened on any other instance of MS Access application.

But there may be other possibilities also which you may see below.

Error Message: "Could not use <name>; file already in use. Error 3045 The specified file is currently being used by another user or session. Wait for other user or session to finish working with the file, and then try the operation again."

Quick Solution: Download Access Database Recovery Software (Download.exe) and Scan & fix the Error 3045.

Other Scenarios Where You May Face MS Access Error 3045

All though things might little change according to MS Access 2016/2013/2010/2007/2003/2000/97. We have figure out Some of the scenarios:

Scenario: You may also receive a "file already in use" error message when you try to open an Access database that is located on a server.

Scenario: When sufficient amount of read & write permission is not provided to that particular MS Access database file.

Scenario: The file you are trying to open is infected with the virus.

Scenario: When Microsoft Jet database engine cannot make the locking information file. The .laccdb file or .ldb file does not exist.

Scenario: OR when a copy of MS Access file may have the database opened by another MDW.

Various other scenarios also there where the user can come up with MS Access Error 3045. Let’s see how to fix MS Access error 3045.

How to fix Error 3045 in Microsoft Access?

Before trying to repair and fix Access Database error 3045. Use may check perform some regular checks. Here are the things you need to check.

  • All users running this MS Access have privilege where the MDB file in directory exists. If JET cannot create an LDB file when logging into a database, it will generate 3045 error.
  • You may check and confirm that Access database is not marked as read-only.
  • Check the file is not being scanned or open in any antivirus present on your system.
  • Check your code to make it clear that you are not doing an explicit Close to the thing opened on your system and setting object variables to nothing as soon as you are done with something.

IF above solution to unable to fix Access Database error 3045. Try to make a copy of Access Database file. And Run Compact & Repair.

Compact & Repair Utility to Repair Access Error 3045

    Run Compact and Repair on MS Access Version 2016/2013/2010:
  • Step1: Open and Start Access but not the database file.
  • Step2: Then go to Info >> click Compact and Repair Database.
  • Step3: In the dialog box, navigate to the file you want to repair >> Double Click on it >> Click Ok, repair process starts.
    Run Compact and Repair in Access Version 2007/ 2003 /2000
  • In Access 2007: Open MS Access, GOTO Manage >> Compact and Repair
  • In Access 2003: Open Access 2003, In the pre-ribbon Goto Tools >> drag to Database Utilities >> Compact and Repair Database

If you still find that Error 3045 is not fixed to go with our Quick Solution to Repair Microsoft Access Error 3045.

Steps to fix Access Error 3045 With Access Database Repair

  • Step1: To Fix Error 3045 Browse the file.
  • Step2: Click on Recover and Repairing process starts
  • Step3: Click on Export and navigate to save the recovered data.

To know complete work, visit: http://www.accessrecoverytool.com/how_it_works.html

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