Private Key Protection: The storage of private keys in a secure location is mandatory when dealing with PKI. Many people take private keys for corporate CAs completely offline, store them in a secure place, and only use them when they need to generate a new key.

Key Escrow: Private key escrow is a process where the CA maintains a copy of the private key associated with the public key that has been signed by the CA. This gives them full access to all encrypted information using the public key from a user’s certificate. A corporate PKI solution usually incorporates a key escrow element.

Employees are obligated to adhere to security policies that provide full access to the corporation to all intellectual property generated by a user for the company as part of that person’s terms of employment. A corporation is required to have the ability to access data an employee produces to maintain the operations of the business. Key escrow also helps an organization minimize occurrences of lost or forgotten passwords.

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